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Landscaping Tips for Increasing Your Property’s Value

While there are certainly many practical ways for homeowners to maximize their property’s value, landscaping comes out as an obvious choice. This is because first impressions matter more than anything when it comes to selling a property. Did you know that your landscape can increase the value of your home for about 15% if it’s designed properly? Whether it’s beautiful trees that improve the looks of the whole neighborhood or various water features, landscaping is the best investment for anyone looking to increase their home’s value.

And the best thing is that it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Of course, there are many expensive landscaping options available, but even the ones that you do on a budget will make your property worth more.

Defining Lawn Edges

For starters, your lawn should always be mowed. You can do this by yourself or hire a professional to take care of it. When it comes to edging, it will make your lawn appear as lower maintenance – which most of your potential buyers will love. Edging doesn’t have to be difficult, all you need to do is use a sharp spade to cut the soil and create a separation between your lawn and other elements, like path, or garden bed. There’s also the possibility of using stone or timber borders to physically separate the two, which can give it an even better look.

Limit the Number of Plants

Many homeowners make a mistake and go for dozens of species of plants in their gardens, thinking that it’ll improve the overall attractiveness of their property. While it may be so, this will also make your potential buyers wonder just how high-maintenance your garden is. The best way to go is to have enough plants to encourage diversity, yet to keep it in single digits. You may want to ask your local garden center about which plants are local and which would be the best fit for your neighborhood. By minimizing the number of plants that you have in your garden you’ll not only give it a more uniform look, but you’ll also create an appearance of low-maintenance, the importance of which we already highlighted earlier.

Your Landscape Should be Stylistically the Same to Your Home

While postmodernism has thought us a thing or two about mixing styles, when it comes to landscaping it’s always best to make sure that the house and the landscape are of the same style. A Mediterranean home won’t go well with an Oriental garden, for example. If you’re a proud owner of an industrial stylized home, you’ll want to go with a more modern landscape with a lot of greenery involved. Garden beds should fit the contours of your house, which is something that shouldn’t be too hard to do and it will easily make your home look more attractive. Any help and advice that you need when it comes to gardening tools can be provided by Hoselink, or other experts in the area.

Consider Adding a Play-Area

An outside play area can be a huge selling point, especially if you’re focused on selling to younger couples who are planning to start a family. It’s never been more important than today for children to have a safe spot where they can play inside the property, especially if they want to avoid their kids spending too much time in front of the computer. If you manage to incorporate a playing area well with the other elements of your landscape, you can easily increase the value and even have an easier time finding a buyer.

Plant Trees

Trees are so often forgotten when it comes to modern landscaping, mostly because people want to have a clear view of their house. But did you know that planting trees can increase your property’s value in more than one way? Having trees in your front yard will filter most of the noise coming from the outside, while also keeping the temperature inside the house more bearable in the summer. For best results when it comes to increasing value, try planting a few trees for all seasons so that your house looks beautiful throughout the year.

Bottom Line

Making a positive first impression on your buyers will already get you halfway through the sale and landscaping can help you with just that. There’s a lot that you can do to increase the appeal of your landscape and, in turn, it will return the favor by making your house look more expensive. The same way a great landscape can increase your property’s value, a poor one can potentially turn away the buyers – or make your house look cheaper than it really is. With a bit of luck, everything that you invest in landscaping will be returned to you (plus more!) once you do make a sale.

Peter Christopher

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