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Life & Disability Insurance – If Superheroes Could Use It, Why Not You?

Growing up, at one point in time or another, we’ve all wanted to be superheroes haven’t we? We won’t go into anything controversial like which superhero is the best or who has the most awesome powers, but through the medium of comic books, cartoons, TV series’, and movies we’ve come across a wide range of fictional characters with super awesome powers that the kid inside has always wished to attain. While we all aspire to have super awesome powers and always get the beautiful girl (or be the totally amazing female superhero, for all the ladies out there) we don’t stop to think about how dangerous and difficult life would be because well we’d be superheroes so nothing can deter from that.

Think about it though, superheroes live insanely difficult lives facing constant danger and fighting crime without pay! Doesn’t sound like much fun, sure some of them can fly and stuff by after a while you’ll get bored and want to take a break from the pressures of such a job right? What if you as a super hero had insurance though? That would make life a lot easier wouldn’t it? I know you’re wondering how that would work, why would superheroes need insurance? Let me explain with a few examples.

Why even superheroes could benefit from insurance.

  • Spiderman/Peter Parker. So your friendly neighborhood spidey, bitten by a radioactive spider, has a pretty cool web-slinger and unbelievable reflexes. He isn’t invincible by any stretch of imagination, and has a low paying job as a photographer with the Daily Bugle. He has Aunt May, and later Mary-Jane as dependents, so he would most definitely need a life insurance policy, and considering he’s in constant danger of getting hurt and thus missing office long term, a comprehensive disability insurance wouldn’t go amiss either.
  • Professor X/Charles Xavier. The leader of all X-men, Professor X loses all ability to use the bottom half of his body after a stray bullet deflected by magneto hits him in the spine (going purely by the movie here for all the comic book nerds out there), so disability insurance is a no-brainer. Also since he dies and leaves behind a whole school of mutants as dependents, setting up a life insurance policy would have been a good idea too.
  • Mr. Fantastic/Richard Reed. As a physicist who conducts dangerous experiments in outer space, and has a wife in Susan Storm a.k.a The Invisible Woman as a dependent, it’s obvious why Mr. Fantastic would need life and disability insurance, not only is his superhero job dangerous, but so is his day job!
  • Iron Man/Tony Stark. The epitome of cool, billionaire Tony Stark dons a metal suit to fight crime and save the earth in his Iron man avatar. Since he runs a multi-million dollar empire in the form of Stark Industries, and doesn’t even have any superpowers that make him invincible or even more resistant to damage, he’s another obvious candidate for both disability and life insurance, after all how would Stark Enterprises run if he got injured somehow?
  • Superman/Clark Kent. I know what you’re thinking; Superman is like a superhero with cheat-codes, laser eyes, iron chest, ability to fly, impenetrable skin, nigh on invincible. Don’t forget though that his Kryptonite is er…Kryptonite. Some punk roaming around with a piece of shiny space-rock can turn our superhero into a weakling. His job as a journalist for The Daily Planet puts food on the table, and if he’s cornered with the aforementioned space rock by arch nemesis Lex Luthor, expect him to take a long leave to recover, meaning no pay unless he has a comprehensive disability insurance policy.

Insurance is decided based on how much of a risk factor you are, so these guys will not only need policies but will also have to find the best rates possible. Expect them to look around on the internet through insurance quote websites such as SelectQuote, AccuQuote, and IntelliQuote, or others like them, because even superheroes want the best deal. We ordinary folk, however, don’t even have superpowers so if the superheroes mentioned above would find some benefit in disability and life insurance, we most definitely could! So think smart and don’t assume you’re as invincible as a superhero, because they too have their vulnerabilities, and so do you. So protect your family and your livelihood, invest in insurance as soon as possible.

Peter Christopher

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