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List of 10 Top Banks In World 2012

A recent survey conducted worldwide has shortlisted the top 10 banks. The following ranking is based on the report of Bankers Almanac. Several factors go into making the list and two such criteria are yearly revenue and overall performance. Here is a quick summary of the world’s top-tier performers.

· Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

· BNP Paribas SA, Paris, France.

· Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China.

· Barclays Bank PLC, London, United Kingdom

· Japan Post Bank Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan.

· Crédit Agricole SA, Paris, France

· The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

· China Construction Bank Corporation, Beijing, China.

· Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China.

· Agricultural Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China.

One of the most interesting finding is that JP Morgan is missing in the list of top ten star performers. In the year 2010, it ranked 7th in the top ten listing. In 2012, it has slide out of the list and the top rank is occupied by Deutsche Bank AG of Germany. JP Morgan is known as the largest bank of the United States of America. But in world reality show what we see is that it is half in gross annual profit and performance when compared to the top bank of the United Kingdom.

From the above listing, one of the most important points to take good note of is four banks in China have make it to the top-tier list of performers. China is an Asian superpower and its technological endowment is no less supreme as compared to the technologically developed America and European countries. By claiming the four positions among the ten, China banks have proved it in uncertain term that the country is doing well on the finance platform.

Another noteworthy fact is that China and Japan have occupied the five positions out of top ten. Is it a clear indication that East Asian countries are becoming financially supreme not only within the boundary of Asian continent but also on the global market too? Well, let our fingers crossed and wait for the future to witness the real picture.

France and UK banks have appeared twice in the list. The most striking point may be the absence of any USA bank in the list of top ten. Is the post-recession ailment still casting evil shadow on the USA banks? Or there are some other factors behind the not-so-good performance by the US finance houses? Only an in-depth analysis can drill out the truth and unfortunately, this article does not permit to go beyond its focus.

Peter Christopher

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