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Monetize During High Inflationary Trends With These Investment Options

Have you won the battle of inflationary trends with your investments? It may be difficult to balance your funds in the right mix in order to safeguard yourself from the threat of rising inflation. Currently, FD rates in India are very competitive and they perform well in any economic situation amongst the variety of investment options available. Fixed deposits have managed to generate some amount of confidence due to high interest rates and secured returns.

Insurance – Securing your future for good

If you are considering long term investments, then consider insurance as an option. This is the best way to secure the health of your family and yourself in case critical illness or an eventuality of death.  Financially, there should be something to fall back on in times of unseen emergencies. There are several schemes that allow the insured to reap benefits on the maturity of a scheme. Insurance policies go beyond giving nominees or beneficiaries of the insured financial security in unforeseen circumstances. They allow the insured to redeem the policy on maturity and even take a loan on the scheme in case of financial emergencies. Currently, the return on investment is good for long term schemes and as the returns are low or based on conditions, the risks are lower. Amongst the market leaders, LIC still holds the largest market share.

PPFs or Public Provident Funds Is a Must

PPF is one of the most important investments to consider for working professionals. The rate of interest with PPFs is the reason people in higher tax brackets invest in them. So far, the highest interest rate with PPF has been 9% for those investing in a period longer than 15 years. Given the high rate of interest, it is advisable to consider this as an investment for the return on investment. It is always advisable to keep a PPF account going by keeping it active. This is also a brilliant way of saving on tax at the point of receiving income. Opening a PPF account at an early stage will be more beneficial as the time period matters here.

Why Consider Fixed Deposits as an Investment Option?

Banks and financial institutions offer very attractive ways of saving money. By investing in a deposit scheme, you are allowed to accrue interest over a period of time on the amount deposited. The tenure for locking your money or investing completely depends upon you. Consider corporate fixed deposits such as the ones available at Mahindra Finance, in case you want to invest in schemes that generate higher interest rates. One can invest in higher interest rate for a longer tenure and a lower one for a shorter period. This is one of the best investment options in India due to the some of the highest fixed deposit rates. It would be necessary for you to assess whether the scheme is beneficial for you to lock in the huge amount of money. One also needs to consider the flexible time periods for investing money.

If current trends are to be believed, then some NBFCs like Mahindra Finance are offering higher fixed deposit rates than banks. One should believe in investment options such as these, as FDs are the best ways to save tax amongst other investments mentioned above.

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