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Money Saving Tips- Paying Off Your Home Mortgage

For most of the people, a mortgage is the biggest loan that they ever get. It is something, which should not be taken lightly. If you want to enjoy a secure financial life, when you will have no mortgage and own your house, the best option would be to pay off your mortgage soon and save money on the interest. Paying off a mortgage early can save a lot of money that is being paid as interest. In order to pay your home loan in a short period, it is very important to consider the context of your overall financial planning. You need to think about a number of factors such as – emergency savings, retirement savings, tax deductions, interest rates, the market value of your home and so on.  Below are some effective money saving tips that help you to pay off the loan early-

Lessen your expenses

There are a lot of things on which we spend each and every month. You can reduce some unwanted expenses or find a cheap alternative, so that you will have extra money to pay towards your loan. Make extra payments to the principle amount of your mortgage. Remember that we are talking about principle amount and not the interest.  By paying the principle amount, your interest amount will automatically come down.

Paying loan weekly

Another best way is to pay your mortgage weekly. There are variations in the way mortgages are calculated by different institutions.  Whatever is the mode of payment either weekly or biweekly, you should not forget that the interest is calculated on a monthly basis. By paying mortgage on a weekly basis, the overall interest amount gets reduced.

Set financial priorities

Having a mortgage free home is a big financial security. In order to enjoy this freedom, it is better to clear the loan as soon as possible. But, there are a number of other things that come across such as medical expenses, job loss, major repairs, and so on. It is very important to have an emergency fund that comes handy during financial crisis. You need to set your financial priorities and get prepared from the beginning. Some of the priorities in addition to your home include – school/college fees, dream vacation, starting own business, etc.

Pay extra amount each month

You can opt to pay extra amount every month as your monthly payment. Don’t stick to fixed pay every month. By increasing the amount of your monthly payment on a monthly basis, you will have the benefit of reduced principle. This amount goes directly to the principle amount, which reduces the mortgage length.  You must let the lender know that the extra amount needs to go towards principal payment. By paying extra amount every month, you can reduce the duration of the loan by 5-6 years.

Make lump sum payments

Use your bonus, incentives and arrears to pay majority of the principal amount. This will substantially reduce the loan as well as the interest that you pay in the long run. It is advised to keep up to date with mortgage payments. Once you get behind, it becomes difficult to get up to date.

It is a really good feeling when you get your loan statement every month with the reduced principal amount. This can save thousands of dollars on interest. If you are not sure about how to  pay off your mortgage early, you can opt for the services provided by reputed financial agencies that deal with mortgages and loans. JustBadCredit.co.uk is one of the most reliable platforms that helps clients to find the best deals when looking for mortgages.

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