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Obtaining Health Insurance after Cancer

Cancer is among the most dangerous diseases known to man today. As a matter of fact it is not a disease but a group of diseases. The disease is characterized by the explosive growth of abnormal group of cells that forms the tumor. These cells are what destroy the tissues of the body that are near. Through the lymph vessels and bloodstream, the cancer cells can also reach the other parts of the body. Cancer may be a leading disease today but fortunately, it is becoming more treatable today. More and more cancer patients are surviving the disease and are living a healthy life but unfortunately, obtaining a health insurance after cancer is not that easy. Some insurance companies don’t feel that cancer survivors are eligible for health insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This is what leaves many cancer survivors uninsured.

And to cancer survivors, though cancer insurance policies are a great plan that will actually pay them to keep their appointments for cancer screenings regularly, some feel they don’t need an extra expense to their monthly budget that is already overly stretched. However, it is important to keep in mind that cancer insurance pays for itself.

Pre-existing conditions means that it could take a year before an insurance company will pay the health costs related to pre-existing conditions including cancer. Though the cost may be enormous and survivors may need to pay these expenses on their own, obtaining a health insurance cover is still possible.

There are actions that a cancer survivor needs to take to get access to health insurance after cancer. For those who already have individual policy, the very first thing that they need to do is to carefully inspect their insurance policy and see what is covered and what is not. Check the type of treatments that are available. See if they allow you to select your own specialist or consult a doctor of your choice. Know how to go about getting a second opinion and what expenses are covered like chemotherapy, surgical procedures and doctor visits.

For cancer survivors who are already insured, group coverage is the best option because the rates are usually less expensive and the coverage is more likely to be maintained by large company rather than an individual policy. However, not everyone can access this option.

Cancer survivors need to be aware of the many scams out there. Many dishonest insurance companies out there claim to offer the most affordable health insurance to survivors of cancer. Many scams are mostly found online and they are typically from companies that were unknown. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of such unscrupulous companies is to seek claims only from well-known and reputed health insurance companies.

Though coverage for cancer survivors is not that easy to obtain, still, they are not impossible. If you will conduct proper research and ask as much information as possible, you will be able to obtain health insurance after cancer. It also helps if you will read as much articles about health insurance. You will find more articles online.

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