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Property vs. Gold vs. Stocks: Investment Strategies

Today, there are a number of investment options including property, gold, and stocks. Regardless of which option you choose, you must know how to make money from your investment. With the right investment strategy, you will be able to make money from your investment and get rich.

Following is how you can make money from property, gold and stocks.


Let’s start with gold. Whether you love it or loathe it, gold is a commodity you simply cannot ignore. In one way or another, gold is going to part of your life. By accepting the importance of gold in your life, you’ll take the first step towards making money from it. Many people refrain from investing in gold due to its supposed relationship with inflation. If you’re one of them then here’s some news for you: contrary to the popular belief, gold has no direct correlation to inflation. Never has, never will. In fact, investing in gold is a great way to protect yourself against inflation. Other reasons to invest in gold include safeguarding your wealth and diversifying your portfolio. Though, before investing in gold, take a good look at the gold price movements. This will help you to make a viable decision.


Investing in stocks is a great way to make money. What are stocks? One of the most popular financial instruments, stocks gives stockholders a share of ownership in a company. Another name for stocks is ‘equities’. There are many reasons companies issue stocks including:

  • Building new facilities or enlarging new ones
  • Expanding into new regions or markets
  • Launching new products
  • Paying off debt

People invest in stocks for a number of reasons. Some of them include:

  • The ability to influence the company and vote shares
  • Capital appreciation which takes place the price of a stock rises
  • Dividends payments—the earnings that the company distributes to stockholders

Investing in stocks is a convenient way to make money. All you have to do is buy the stocks and then wait for the dividend payout.


There are many benefits of investing in property but before you invest in property, consider a few important things. First and foremost, if you get financing for the purchase, make sure that the potential income from the property is greater than its monthly payments. This means that the monthly rent you get from the property should be higher than what you pay for it each month. If you want to get premium rent, look for investment property in a ‘desirable’ neighbourhood. As mentioned above, there are several benefits of investing in property. In addition to the monthly rent, potential tax benefits and appreciation of the property are some of the reasons to buy an investment property.

Property Vs. Stocks

Contextually, it is essential to understand that stocks tend to increase in a more progressive approach than those of a property. Meanwhile, the prices of real estate tend to outpace inflation.

  • Interestingly, it can be traced that since 1940, the median home value in the U.S has continuously progressed at an annual rate of 5.5%.
  • Comparing these digits to the returns from stocks, you can see that stocks have generated around 7% per year over the long run. Putting it in simpler words, stocks have generated returns at more than four times the appreciation of property.
  • On the other hand, real estate values can be accounted for more consistency. Leveraging the money as an investment in property can be a good option. If you have borrowed finance, you may consider investing in property since it involves less risk.
  • Typically, you can use various investment properties with a down payment of around 20%-25% of the sale price. In the long run, you can look out for hefty returns in small investments, that may be based on various plot factors.
  • When it comes to property investment, you have to pay the various closing costs and the origination fee as a lender. For instance, you borrow finance to buy a property, what could be your next payment?

Well, typically, you have to make mortgage payments every month during the time. So, now you know why investing in properties can be a great option to amplify the returns from a property dramatically.

Property Vs. Gold

Suppose you held 500 grams of gold back in 1997 and a 3BHK plot of property in the same year. Which one has greater returns?

Owing to the current scenario, undoubtedly, the property returns are much higher than those from gold. Putting it in more real words, if you gain $1 return from investing in gold, you can get around four times more as property returns. Moreover, adding value to the investment is possible in real estate purchases but not in gold. Gold may not be bankable, as you may expect it to be in the long run.

Investment size and tenure

While gold can be purchased in small quantities depending on your current financial aspect, real estate demands a heftier bundle. Investment in property requires huge finance. Also, to feel the skin in the game, you must be ready with a huge lump sum cash to buy a property. Interestingly, you can purchase a property through debt financing. But still, then, there is an additional burden to pay the multiple installments.

  • How much should you invest in gold?

Interestingly, gold prices are negatively proportional to equity. However, if you closely examine the returns from gold in the long run, you may have a different perspective. Many times, you may opt for investing in gold through exchange-traded funds. Effectively, gold is considered to act as a hedge against inflation and numerous unfortunate times. It sticks to a valid store of value and lets your investment be safeguarded of its liquidity. Gold has been known to preserve wealth for an era for an authenticated economic pillar.

  • Investing in stock is risky as it comes with the risk of enormous losses. Contextually, investing in stock is one of the most common ways for any beginner to start his investing habits. However, diverse and long-term investments are the safest modes for stock investment.
  • You might be confused between investment in property and stocks. Scroll down to have a proper clarification between the two for a profitable decision.

While you invest in gold, stocks, and property, you must be wondering for how long these drive its applicability. How long does it take for an investment to reap its benefits?

Tenure of investment

Investing in property can be a long gamble, yet it can assure a profitable deal for you. Investing in property is the best option for you if you are looking for long-term benefits and returns. Similarly, investing in long term stocks of different large companies could be an excellent option. Riddling its profits with uncertainty, certain tried and true investing principles can help you get along a profitable stock return. Investment in gold can be the best option in the short run and is an excellent investment in the long run. Since purchase requires relatively lesser finance, so it can be an ideal way to start investing for higher gains.

Earning potential of different investment

If you are looking for a regular source of monthly income, investing in property can effectively fulfill your requisites. Interestingly, you can also use this to manage your mortgages.

Since there are fluctuations in the price of gold, so the value of your investment may follow a low-high graph. Moreover, it depends mainly on market conditions. Over the various aspects of liquidity, the property has lesser liquidity. That’s indeed obvious since you can have to try for months to sell a property. On the other hand, investing in gold assures you higher liquidity. Buying and selling of gold are relatively convenient.


Gold, property and stocks are some of the investment options available to you. By considering the aforementioned information, you can determine which investment is right for you.

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