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Starting a Business in Australia

Australia is a country that is ripe with opportunities, and you may be ready to seize the moment and to take advantage of the opportunities available to you. Many people are drawn to Australia because of its spectacular natural beauty, its amazing culture and its friendly people. While these factors may be enough to make you want to visit the area on vacation from time to time, the fact is that the amazing economic opportunities in Australia are encouraging many to consider an international relocation to start a business in this country. Before you take this big step, however, there are several important factors to consider.

Your Immigration Into Australia

One of the most important first steps to take before you start a new business in Australia is to speak with an immigration lawyer about what steps are involved to move into the area and to start a business. You may consider the pros and cons associated with seeking full Australian citizenship versus a visa, and your lawyer can help you with all aspects of your migration into the country. Because it can be difficult or impossible to start a new business in Australia successfully without the proper visa or immigration status (a list of Australian business visas can be found on Hunt Migration’s website), this step generally should be taken up-front while you are also making initial start-up plans for your company.

The Different Markets

Australia is a large company with many diverse markets, and each may have pros and cons for you to consider. Many of the major cities are located along the coastline, and they provide you with convenient shipping and transportation services. However, some may have more affordable rates on office space, more skilled labor or even a generally improved business climate. Because the markets can vary so significantly, it is important to review each market carefully before you decide to relocate.

Your Start-up Capital 

It can be challenging to find start-up capital to use for your new venture in Australia, and this is because you may not have citizenship in Australia yet. While there are many Australian lenders that make business loans, this capital may not be extended to you because of your citizenship status. Because of this, you may need to consider alternatives. For example, you can seek out a business partner who is already a citizen and who may qualify for a business loan in Australia. You can also use your personal funds or seek other sources of financing to fund your start-up. Some people will also work at a part-time job for income to support their lifestyle while spending their remaining time working on their start-up.

Relocating overseas to Australia to start a new business is a life-changing step to take, and for many people, this step can help you to achieve incredible goals you have and to enjoy a better overall lifestyle. While there are many steps to take to start a new business in Australia these three important factors are critical for starting up almost any type of business in a new country.

Peter Christopher

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