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Student Car Insurance – A New Way of Thinking

Affordable car insurance for students can be a tricky thing to come by, especially with the increasing costs of premiums for young drivers.

As a student you’re probably already faced with tuition fees, bills and accommodation costs without wanting to concern yourself with a high car insurance premium.

Even a standard student car insurance premium can be quite expensive – which is where the use of telematics or “black box” technology comes into play.

Did you know that by taking out a telematics car insurance policy you could considerably reduce the amount you pay? Well according to Fair Pay Insurance you could slash the price by a significant amount by agreeing to be tracked.

In a nutshell – telematics car insurance utilises a small black box GPS device sits under your car’s dashboard and collects information about the way you drive. This device monitors elements such as braking patterns, harsh acceleration, cornering, speeding and even the location of the vehicle at any given time (parked or on the move).

By using this data the company can actually see how well or how badly the car is being driven. If you display good driving behaviour you could be rewarded with further discounts, as well as any NCD earned at renewal.

Fair Pay, however, have gone a step further – by supplying policyholders with a TomTom navigation device that can actually give real-time feedback on the way they drive. So – not only can it direct you to where you want to go but it can also tell you if you’re driving in a risky fashion.

This technology is actually giving you the tools to reduce the cost of your student car insurance – drive well and you are rewarded.

Peter Christopher

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