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Ten Ways To Be Frugal And Save Money

The cost of leaving is growing very fast in these days, so it is little bit difficult for common man to meet the basic needs. Frugal living is a very popular topic in these days but money saving tips alone won’t turn you into the next Warren Buffet. It can change your mind set when it comes to spending money. It is easy to think money saving but practically it can be harder.

Frugal living can reduce monthly spending and you can start to save money. Here ten ways to be frugal and save money:-

1. Keep an eye on phone bill

Do you have both landline and cell phone, are both necessary? In market there are several service providers which offer a good call rates due to competition. Sometimes prepaid cell services are cheaper than monthly post paid services. In the presence of good internet service you can use skype to make a call and reduce a bill.

2. Save electricity

Reduce your electric bill by turning off lights and other electronics equipments when they aren’t in use. It may seem to a small thing, but be sure it will make a huge impact at the end of month while paying the electric bill.

3. Make payment electrically

Make a payment of bills online, it will save travel time and money both. Some companies will give a discount to those who make payments electronically.

4. Shop online or look for discount store

Try to opt for online shopping because here you can compare the prices of different competitors easily and also go discount. In online shopping you are saving the service charge because here the product will direct delivered on your door step from warehouse. Most of outlet and discount stores often sell brand name items at a fraction of the price, so here you can look great at a low cost.

5. Pack a lunch for work

In the morning by packing a lunch for work you can save a lot of money by the end of month. If you are spending a $ 5 per day, so at the end of 30 days month it will be $ 150 and on home it will never more than $ 40, so you can assume how costly eating fast food for lunch at work can be.

6. Buy in bulk

Try to buy the kitchen stuff for month in a bulk it can be save your daily time and also the travel expenses, there are some store where you can get some discount easily on bulk purchasing.

7. Take care of your health

If you are healthy person so you can save the monthly expenses of medicine and doctor, which is not a small thing in today’s word, so try to be healthy person.

8. Plan your journey in advance

If you are planning to go somewhere so it will be suggest booking the flight or training ticket a month before, because at the end hours the fair increases, at the same time you can also search for alternate less costly route.

9. Stay in three star hotel

If you are planning for vocation, so go for three star hotels, the difference in services between in three and five star hotel is little but it can make a huge impact on bill. By staying in 3 star hotels you can get a 4 night stay for the same price as a 3 night stay at 4 or 5 star hotels.

10. Be the cleaner for your stuff

If you use a laundry services, so at the end of month they will make your pocket loose very easily; so it is suggest to you use the basic cleaning agents like; baking soda and washing power and wash your stuff by yourself.

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