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The Easiest Way to Get Rich

Getting rich seems like a dream, a far-fetched dream to many. Getting rich can be a reality. You don’t have to just dream about it. There are a couple of secrets to getting rich and they are strategies that work over the long-term, are low risk, and are easy. No, buying a lottery ticket that wins is not the best strategy for gaining wealth. That’s something you can dream about, because it isn’t likely to happen. To get rich you need to take action and make it happen. Getting rich is all about earning, saving, and investing. If that sounds boring, well it may be, until that is, you wake up one day and realize you’re rich.

Earn to Get Rich

The first, and most obvious, strategy for getting rich is to earn a lot of money. You see big-wigs on reality shows driving luxury cars, living in mansions, and wearing designer clothes. Some of these people are business owners, CEOs, professional athletes, or high-end realtors. It’s not that easy for just anyone to land a job, or create a job, that comes with a big, wealth-creating income. For most of us, earning to get rich means earning a decent income, making extra money on the side, getting a raise, or using other earning strategies to build wealth over time.

To start earning more money now, evaluate your current position. Does it seem reasonable to ask for a raise? Are you making full use of your skills and experiences? Could you be earning more in a different position or with a different company? Make some career changes if you think you could be making more money. Also consider the ways in which you could earn more money on the side, maybe with a part-time job or by turning your hobby into a money-maker, like a small business.

Save Where You Can

Once you have maxed out your earnings, the focus of your wealth-building strategy should be on saving. You don’t need to scrimp and save and squeeze blood from your dollars until it hurts. Small savings and living within your means isn’t that hard. It’s all about making lifestyle changes. Some may be bigger:  Downgrade from a 3,000- to a 2,000-square-foot house. Instead of driving that expensive, gas-guzzling SUV, get a smaller, more efficient, but still reliable car. Instead of taking two-week vacations to the South Seas, take a long weekend in the Caribbean. You can get a change of scenery too, by moving to a city or even a country where the cost of living is lower.

Even smaller savings can pay off in the end and help you move toward your goal of building wealth. Eat out less often and cook dinner at home. You can even boost your savings when you borrow money. Instead of taking a loan from a bank when you need extra cash or as cash loans from your credit card, take advantage of auto title loans and fast cash payday loans. Short-term loans have high interest rates, but they end up costing you less than long-term loans because you pay them off quickly.

Invest What You Save

The final step in your get-rich strategy is to invest the money you earn and save. You shouldn’t let your hard-earned savings just languish in the bank with little to no interest earned. You have to invest, even if this means being really conservative about it or mostly investing your savings in your retirement account. Start saving now, regardless of how much you can afford to save. As you are able to earn more and pay off debts from taking a loan now and then, you can start to increase the amount you save. The average American saves only four to five percent of her income. Aim to increase that with time. The more you save, the more you can invest and earn.

There are many ways in which you can invest your savings, from conservative CDs to high-risk stocks. How you invest will be up to you. It’s a personal choice, and one that depends on your willingness to tolerate risk and how fast you want your wealth to build. Investing is important, so don’t take it lightly. Do your homework, listen to experts, take advice from trusted friends who have been there before, and then make a careful decision about how you want to invest the money you save.

There are a lot of ways to get rich. The problem with most of them is that they are one-in-a-million strategies. Most people will not play for a professional sports team or win the lottery jackpot. What you can do, though, is work, earn, save, and invest. The actual effort this takes is minimal. It’s just living your life in a way that is conducive to getting rich. You can do it and you can start today.

Peter Christopher

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