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The Financial Times – on Top of the World

News is something that is shown or depicted in front of by some source. They are generally prejudiced in nature. In this scenario it becomes difficult to get the authentic information. The sources choose their own way to present news instead of giving us a thorough analysis.

A video was promoted by The Financial Time about the economy of United States at the Grand Central Terminal of New York. This video explained the question on the United States’ economy management for diverse financial sectors and also a comparison with other countries.

Naturally there are few sectors where United States rank higher however, surprisingly in a few areas their rank drops down. A graphical representation of this scenario includes a wide range of economical matter of concern such as financial growth, education expenditure, GDP and it’s per capita, salaries, survival money, etc.

There are certain reports like, China tops the rank in financial growth rate with a lower GDP whereas, US being the highest in GDP  that many other countries lacks behind in the growth rate, captured my attention. Even more astonishing news is the fact that Qatar has a double growth rate than that of China. I think if a closer analysis is done it will get even more interesting.

More and more interesting information come up in picture to surprise us. It is a known fact United States stands in the top position when it comes to wages however, Netherlands wages seems to top the United States standard they are considered on an average hourly basis  keeping in mind  their lesser working hours.

I have to share some knowledge that might be upsetting for the American citizen as well as economy. In comparison with the other countries like Russia, Brazil, India and China, Americans are legible to receive the least number of holidays. Even these holidays are not guaranteed. If the numbers are taken into account then Russia stands at 28 holidays, Brazil at 30 holidays, China at 5 days and India at 12 holidays in a given year.

The question arises that how does Americans catch up. It is pretty simple. America is the place for strong people with brave as well as free mentality. There is definitely some measures take in terms of working lesser hours in a week and increasing the number of holidays and we will come up with something soon. Other than that we are very happy and proud to be Americans.

Peter Christopher

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