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The Importance of a Clean Office in the Competitive Business World of Reading

It may seem like a small thing, and possibly of little significance to you as an employer; but a clean office can have a real bearing on your staff and your business as a whole, for many different reasons. A clean office will benefit your employees, your clients and therefore your business; so it is important to ensure that you have measures in place to keep your space sparkling and your desk dust free.

There are a number of offices that provide a free cleaning service and some that require you to find your own cleaning company; but which is the best way to do it and why is it so important?

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee

Have you ever tried to do your work in a messy office or home? It is almost impossible. Your mind will wander to the mess and cleaning it up and you will not be able to concentrate. You will lose vital pieces of information under your piles of paperwork and it will become chaos. As an employee, having a tidy desk can help to clear your mind and help you to focus on the task at hand. It could reduce your stress levels and allow you to be a happier and more content employee; and we all know happy employees are productive employees. In a business world as competitive as Reading, it is important to maintain a professionalism by keeping a clean office. Reading has become increasingly popular for young employees due to the major university situated in the town.

Make A Good Impression On Your Clients

Reading is a hub for business with big name companies close by, so you may have clients popping in regularly. If you have clients visiting your office frequently it is more important than ever to make sure that your office is clean and tidy. As a client, if you were to go to a meeting in a hectic, chaotic and messy office it would give the impression that business was carried out in the same way. Showing your client that you have an organised way of running your business will give them confidence in you and may even secure you the contract you’ve been hoping. And in the competitive business world of Reading you can’t afford to lose customers.

Keeping Your Office Clean

If you want to start the day right then try to clean the office the night before. Employees do not want to be tidying up first thing in the morning.  Arriving at a desk that is clear of clutter will ensure they start the day with a clear mind, and a smile on their faces.

When it comes to cleanliness it is important that it is maintained throughout the building, not just around the desks. If you do not have a cleaner in your building contract, but you do not want to have to scrub the toilets and vacuum the reception area yourself then you can hire one. They will make sure that all areas are clean and in great shape for the week.

Choosing a Low Maintenance Office

The best way to reduce the time it would take you to clean or the cost of a cleaner is to choose a low maintenance office building. A low maintenance office may be open plan, with easy clean carpets that are stain resistant. It may also have a maintained reception area, so you have one less thing to worry about. Newly built offices such as those on Reading Business Park is designed with this in mind and will therefore be easier to maintain, and some will even have maintenance staff of their own. Reading is a smart, clean town, make sure your office space reflects this attention to detail.

So do your research to ensure you find an office that is already maintained or easy to clean so that you can keep your employees and clients happy and your business successful and growing.

Peter Christopher

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