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The IRS Tax Lawyer to the Rescue

To those of us who hate doing our taxes, dealing with the IRS can seem like a nightmare — especially when it comes to trying to resolve tax-related problems. Most of us dread spending time on-hold because we know that when a representative finally does come on the line we will have to face another battle: solving the issue without being transferred to another department or being rejected.

Although dealing with the IRS can be tough, it’s necessary. Ignoring a tax problem with the IRS can lead to major consequences including severe penalties. But there is a way to get your tax issue resolved without having to do the work on your own: hire a tax attorney. Whether you hire a tax attorney in San Francisco or San Jose, an IRS tax lawyer can help solve your tax problems.

When it comes to IRS and state tax controversies, the right lawyer can develop a case-specific solution to help you resolve your tax problem. Whether it is negotiating a compromise offer, setting up a payment plan, or stopping a tax levy, the IRS attorney can properly handle your dispute in a timely manner.

It’s hard to deal with the IRS on your own. Consider hiring a tax settlement attorney who can deal with the problems on your behalf. You can benefit from hiring an IRS tax attorney if you need assistance with: criminal tax investigations; offshore account disclosures; audits and tax court issues; delinquent tax returns; offers in compromise; payment agreements; abatement of tax penalties; tax liens and levies; wage garnishments; and employment and payroll taxes.

Peter Christopher

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