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The Real Reason Why Your Car Insurance Is Costing You A Fortune

One of the priciest things about owning your vehicle is the insurance you have to pay out for it. It can cost several hundred dollars to insure it every year, and on top of petrol and service charges, it can get very expensive to have a car! Here is the real reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune, and how to keep it down.

Good Idea to Check Your Car Insurance

You have been in an accident and made a claim

One of the real reasons why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is because you have made a claim before. When filling in your details for the insurance, they will ask you about previous claims you have made in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, if you have made a claim, it can see your car insurance rise by 20%-40%, depending on the circumstances. The best thing you can do if you are in an accident is to try and sort it out without claiming on your insurance. You could talk to the other driver about fixing your own cars without having to make a claim if the damage isn’t too bad. It will save the cost of your insurance going up for the next couple of years!

You have been caught speeding and have points on your license

Another reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is if you have got into trouble speeding while driving. Often, it can lead you to have points on your license, as well as costing you a small fortune. If you put this on your insurance details, the cost will rise as well. Here’s a guide to speeding and how to stay in the law when driving. If you have been found driving when intoxicated (DWI), it will also affect your car insurance. You will need to find an attorney to help defend you against the driving charge.

You are choosing too many unnecessary extras

You will also find your car insurance is costing you a fortune if you are paying for too many unnecessary extras. You should ensure you check the pilicy to see if there is anything you could take off to pay less. Make sure you are comparing before you pay out for insurance, as there may be one which is cheaper and is suitable for your needs.

You are using too many miles

Another reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is that you are using too many miles. The more miles you say you use when paying out for car insurance, the more it will end up costing you. Therefore, try and use fewer miles so that you can pay less. As we discussed before, some insurances let you pay less if you get a digital recorder for the car. It monitors how you drive, and if you are a safe driver, your insurance will be a lot less!

Also, the car you choose to purchase will affect the price of your insurance. If it’s a very expensive car, you will have to pay a lot more for insurance. Therefore, choose a cheaper car to save money on your insurance.


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