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Top Budgeting Tips for Students

Attending university is becoming more and more expensive; it is no longer enough for students to be focusing solely on their essay writing any more, they need to make sure they have a few life skills before they head out – and one of them is creating, and sticking to, a budget.

1. Income vs Expenses

A good starting point for any budget is to compare your income against your outgoings and make sure you can afford everything. Be sure to include hidden costs like bus fare, the occasional bit of fast food and if you can’t balance the books then you will need to make the decision on what you cut out of your spending.

Maybe you need to downsize your food shopping or switch to a budget line of groceries, or maybe you just don’t need satellite TV while you are a student! You should also set some money aside in the budget for unexpected costs associated with your studies, such as using sites like best custom essay or field trips away.

2. Look for discounts everywhere

Be on the lookout for special offers, money-off vouchers, buy on get one frees on food you like. Be sure to use your student discount everywhere you go and take advantage of discounted student travel.

3. Learn to cook

Instead of paying out every day for someone else to cook your food, whether it is at the university canteen or buying a sandwich while you are out, you should buy all the things you need at the supermarket and make your own dinner and sandwiches. Trust me, it will save you a fortune!

4. Maximise your income

Four in 10 students work while they study, but there are plenty of guidelines on what is a good amount to work. Fifteen hours a week or less is generally considered an acceptable level of work for a student. Students can be a bit clever here with this and look for jobs that suit their lifestyle better than your usual part-time shop work.

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