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Types of Oil and Gas Investment

Oil and gas sector is among the most popular and important sector across the world. This sector industry will never diminish due to its multiple requirements for both industrial and personal purposes. The industrial demand of oil and gas sector is widely known. Equally it is known for its immense personal benefits, as for example, Natural gas is a great source of heating and cooking practices. A majority of domestic households runs on this. Also when it is converted into diesel fuel and electricity, it serves various purposes. It helps in the creation of chemical fertilizers.

One positive thing about this industry is that one can approach this sector in multiple ways. The oil market offers a diverse range of options for investment and profits. It depends on the investor to carefully utilize the best options in order to accrue profits. Let us discuss about a few of the oil and gas investment options like indepthexploration in this field.

1. Exploration projects

It refers to the kind of companies or projects who buy or lease land and engage in drilling works. If they found oil, there will be profits up to ten times. But if not, they may lose almost everything they invested. There is high risk involved in this kind of pure exploration projects. It is suitable for companies who have very high risk tolerance for investment.

2. Developing projects

These kinds of projects undertake drilling work in proven reserves in order to secure profits. It is also risk taking as there is no guarantee that their efforts will bear fruit in that particular reserve.

3. Income

Such projects refer to the process of acquiring some plots of land over any proven oil- gas reserves and try to create a steady profit to meet the investment expenses.  Such lands may either obtained through lease or purchase.  This is the safest way to venture into the drilling and extraction tasks. Here also some risks involved. This type of investment is ideal for such people who just need an indirect income flow.

4. Services and Support group

These kinds of companies offer innumerable number of supporting services to the industries involved in the oil and gas sector. This group includes transportation companies, pipeline companies, shipping and logistics companies, drilling and refining manufacturers and the related ones. 

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