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UK Property Opportunities Perfect For Investors

The UK is full of opportunities for savvy investors to purchase property which is perfect for investment. There is a huge demand for rental property in the UK, with a growing number of households living in private rented accommodation and this trend set to continue. Many UK towns and cities offer investors competitive prices and impressive returns, you just need to know where to look. RW Invest is a leading UK property investment company with fourteen years of experience in the industry. They share their insider tips on which UK property investments are really paying off.

Student Developments in University Cities


The UK has an international reputation for higher education, with millions of students choosing to study there every year. The top two universities in the world, Oxford and Cambridge, are in the UK and the country has several universities in the top 100. Cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, and Leicester are in desperate need of more student housing and private developers have been filling the gap. Student property also provides investors with low entry prices, with units starting from less than £50,000. There is a huge demand for purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) with stable returns, high yields and tenants assured all year. More and more investors are seeing student accommodation as a lucrative investment opportunity. Students are also paying higher rents than ever before, meaning investors can also expect rising rental income. The UK PBSA sector is now worth an estimated £46 billion, and there are still plenty of opportunities out there.

Lucrative Properties in Liverpool

Liverpool is another northern city which has experienced significant investment and growth over the past decade. Properties in the city center are in high demand from young residents, graduates and people moving to work in the cities thriving tech and knowledge sectors. New, flourishing areas like the Baltic Triangle and Fabric District are experiencing considerable investment from both internal and international investment. New developments like One Baltic Square are offering investors buy to let properties in some of the hottest postcodes in town. Liverpool has three of the country’s top ten best buys to let postcodes. In some areas of Liverpool, rental yields were over 11%. Liverpool’s buy to let market is moving quickly, with tenants snapping up available properties.

City Apartments in Manchester

Manchester is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and this Northern city is booming. Properties in Manchester have been increasing in value over the past few years but there are still affordable opportunities out there for smart investors. Areas like Salford, Ancoats and Spinningfields are perfect for investors looking to purchase in Manchester. High-end city center apartments like those in Caxton Hall, West Point, and Hollywood are providing Manchester’s new emerging workers with desirable rental properties. Manchester was another area which featured on the best buy to let postcode list, with the M14 area gaining average rental yields of £1,636 and an average yield of 10.08%. Manchester also has an incredibly high student retention rate, and these graduates who are used to high-end student apartments are looking for the same quality of rental accommodation. Extra amenities like on-site gyms, concierge services, and designer furnishings are perfect for enticing these wealthy tenants looking to live in the middle of the city.

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