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Virtual Offices Increasing in Popularity in Melbourne, Australia

Virtual offices, already available in all of the major Australian cities and many of the smaller ones, have now come to Melbourne in a doubled force. Virtual offices are nothing new in Melbourne’s business oriented and industrial systems, but now virtual office providers are making a push to offer more and open more locations to meet the rising demand.

In the past virtual offices were much more of a novelty to business owners, but these days it’s not uncommon for a freelancer or startup to need a virtual office option in order to fill their office needs. Not all of these entrepreneurs can afford a setup that is more official, and a virtual office can fit them perfectly. Most of these clients only need a small solution, which is exactly what they get with a virtual office.

An officer in one of the main virtual office providers said: “There’s a huge demand for virtual offices in the more industrial areas of Melbourne, but also in the suburban area and outlying districts of the city. We’re looking at all inquiries and requests and seeing how to best expand our options to meet the demand.”

Southbank was one of the first Melbourne areas to start offering these services, and in that time the number of virtual office options situated there has dramatically increased, with offers on Regus.com.au popping up for international businesses (http://www.regus.com.au/international-business/new-market-presence/virtual-offices.aspx), work-at-home professionals and start-ups as well. Since business started using these virtual offices in the Southbank area, hundreds have opened up in Southbank and its immediate vicinity. In fact, that’s where some of the best prices and prime locations are to be found.

But Southbank is just one example, though. The numbers also show that just about all of the business centers in Melbourne, as well as in the surrounding cities and towns, have seen tremendous growth as far as virtual offices go. Those that have been slow to catch on and start implementing virtual office solutions are now beginning the process, and many now have fully operational offices available.

Interested freelancers, part-time workers, work-from-home employees, or start-up businesses can easily find more about what options are in their ideal location, what offices they can find to fit their budget, and what offices offer the amenities and features they need for their specific business. There are virtual office being offered in the Melbourne area that can suit all kinds of business’s needs and owners’ preferences.

Said one startup owner: “Virtual offices are becoming a weekly need for many new businesses, mine included. So far, we’ve rented three times for meetings with clients and investors. So far, it has been tremendously practical for us to have the virtual office as a professional face to give to the world while we’re still trying to get things organized on the administrative side of things. We can sell our stuff early on in the game and get set up later while using virtual offices in the interim.”

This is a prime example of what many virtual office clients have said, and is a good representation of what the general attitude toward virtual offices is. Many renters have expressed similar views, and continue to make use of virtual offices when they require it. A virtual office offers so much to a company or individual who cannot afford a traditional one, and makes for the perfect professional location to receive phone calls and communications, to get mail, and to set up appointments.

As time goes on, there are strong indicators that the number of virtual office in Melbourne will grow. If past numbers are any indicator, then the area should expect to see all sorts of changes and developments and new options for their virtual office needs. Inquiries can be made to the office providers about new developments and construction in various places around the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Peter Christopher

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