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Warning, Your Vehicle Could Cost A Lot More Than You Realise

Driving, cycling or riding on the roads can be a lot more expensive than we first assume. When you think about the cost of driving, you probably only consider how much you paid for the vehicle. You might then take into account charges for petrol. You forget all about maintenance, tax, insurance and yes, accidents. All these things could add up and end up costing you a fortune. These are the costs of driving that you don’t consider.


Just how much do you pay for petrol each year? Probably quite a lot more than you want to, particularly, with gas prices rising again. To avoid the cost of high fume charges, you just need to change the way you drive. For instance, braking hard always increases the amount of petrol you use. Less braking means less fuel is needed. Obviously, this sounds like we’re encouraging you to drive more dangerously. Actually, it’s the opposite. You can brake less by being more attentive to your surroundings. Rather than braking at the last minute for a bend, you’ll see it, and you will be able to brake gradually. This way, less fuel will be used.

Dangerous Driving and Riding

Is riding a motorbike more dangerous than driving a car? Statistically, yes, however, this might be because riders take more risks than car users. If you are riding safely without dangerous risks, you have nothing to worry about on a motorbike. In fact, if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can make a claim. You’ll get money to pay for any damages you suffered in the accident. You can talk to a compensation solicitor for motorcycle accidents about this possibility. On the other hand, if you are found to be at fault an accident could cost you a fortune. You might be required to pay damages that aren’t fully covered by your insurance company.

Insuring Your Vehicle

Speaking of insurance, you should consider how much you’re paying each year for this cost. In particular, be aware that insurance prices differ broadly depending on the car you drive and your history on the road. For instance, no claims will almost certainly mean your insurance premium is lower. You can also get a digital recorder for your car. This monitors the way you drive. If you drive safely, your insurance premium is lowered significantly. This is something to consider if you want to reduce the cost. Also, remember, a car that is more valuable will cost more to ensure. This is why buying a sports car may not be the best idea.


Lastly, poor maintenance can lead to expensive costs that could easily have been avoided. All you needed to do was keep better care of your vehicle. The tyres are an excellent example of this. Tyre pressure is easy to check with a slight kick to each one before driving. If you do this, you can avoid low tyre pressure causing an accident. The cost of that accident is going to be a lot more expensive than the charge of pumping up a tyre or even replacing it.

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