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What Are The Advantages Of International Health Insurance?

One of the greatest morale boosters you can ever get is when you are fully assured that your health and wellness is insured while on foreign land. There are days when you move to a foreign land where you are not familiar with their medical procedures. Here, you will be in need of international health insurance to take care of your health. International health insurance covers things like consultations, doctor’s visits, prescriptions and vaccinations. This insurance policy will also cover such things as physiotherapy, chiropractic visits and osteopathy.

Difference between International Health Insurance and travel insurance

There has been a very big misconception in many quarters as regards why people should purchase international travel insurance even when they already have travel insurance in place. Yes, you have to come up with a separate international health insurance whenever you are travelling to any place where you will be spending a considerable amount of time. This is because travel insurance is only designed for holiday makers and not residents. It is only made to give the holidaying lots medical emergencies and coverage over incidences that are specific to their travel. Here, the limits of the medical cover are very small, and this is just for a specific period of time. They are never appropriate for long term expatriates. But in the case of international health insurance, they are made for people who live and work abroad on a long term basis.

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The high point of International Health Insurance

However, there is one high point that the international health insurance is associated with which makes it a great thing to do. This is because of the fact that there are places that you will visit and there will not be the availability of adequate care and treatment for your particular health problem. What it does here is that instead of time and money being wasted in evacuating you back to your home country, you are taken to the nearest center that has the facilities you need to get treated. Another thing is that they will sponsor any of your close relatives or family members to come and take care of you while you are being treated.

These are the types of international health insurance

There are two main types of international medical insurance. The first one is the one that is meant for students. This is seen as being of shorter term than the next. It covers students studying in a foreign country. It can be semester coverage. It can be that of a year, while it can also cover the whole period of studies. There is also the expatriate cover that takes care of health needs of expatriates working in foreign countries.

Benefits of international health insurance are many

You are entitled to the maximum annual payout. But while the insurance policy still runs, you are entitled to consultations with practitioners and specialists, diagnostics testing, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments all paid in full. And in the case of the latter, you are entitled to a maximum of 15 visits for each period. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, restorative speech therapy, dental accidents, adult vaccinations, drugs and dressings purchased outside, well child tests, annual routine tests and child immunizations, etc.

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