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What Is a Limited Liability Company Tax ID?

When it comes to setting up and running your very own business, there are a number of different things to account for and decisions to make. Deciding what kind of entity you would like to use for your business, for example, can be a confusing prospect. A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular choice that seems to work well for a number of indivduals. Just make sure that you remember that you must complete an IRS tax ID application and obtain your employer identification number (EIN) regardless of the entity you choose!

What are the LLC types and taxes?

An LLC is popularly known as a business entity created effectively by the state procedures. The LLC is classified as a partnership, corporation, or taxable entity by the IRS. Instead, the LLC counts for being treated as a taxable, disregarded entity. That means it is not separate from its owners for various income tax purposes.

Factually speaking, how can one be elected to be a corporation or a partnership?

Well, answering the question also brims curiosity for other aspects of LLC. On the same grounds, it can be said that any multi-member LLC has the power to elect to represent a corporation.

On the other hand, a single-member LLC can undoubtedly elect to be a taxable, disregarded unit or corporation. If, at some point, the corporation owns the above-said disregarded entity, it is indeed known as the branch of the specific corporation.

How to identify LLC?

A tax ID number is a must to identify an LLC for tax purposes. A tax ID number is also known as an Employer Identification Number(EIN). Scroll down to know its applicability as banking and vendors for a better understanding.

  • Banking

An LLC is required to present the particular company’s tax ID number to establish a business bank account efficiently. The LLC tax Id number will reflect on all the company’s banking and tax documents. The bank can use the LLC tax ID number to quickly identify the required organisation. Interestingly, having a concern on the various security issues, the banks require a copy of the documents and the company’s articles to showcase the different legal applicability of the firm as a separate legal entity from the members of the LLC.

  • Vendors

In the present context, there are some vendors in the market who may not prefer to do business with an LLC that does not have a tax ID number. Moreover, it is important to note that an LLC requires a tax ID number to sell items to the public. Also, having a valid tax ID number can enable the LLC to purchase items at wholesale from the vendors.

What is an EIN number?

When you fill out important forms or need to prove your identity, you will oftentimes be asked to provide your social security number (SSN). This number is unique to you, and is kind of like your fingerprint. Without it, you will find yourself hindered in your ability to fill out a number of documents, including those that help you open up things like a bank account. An EIN number, then, works much the same way for your business. You must provide your EIN number when filing taxes or opening up a business bank account.

How can I obtain an EIN?

To obtain an EIN for your LLC, you must first complete an IRS tax ID application. You can do this online, and it won’t take you long at all! You can even check EIN status throughout the process to ensure that your application is being processed. If everything continues as planned and the application is submitted accurately, you could have your EIN number in as few as one or two business days!

While you may choose to work with other professionals or the attorney, you must get a Federal Tax ID for applying for an EIN. The procedure can be carried out online or in-person- whichever way you choose as per your convenience. It is advised to seek help from the support team if you are stuck at any point in filling the IRS tax ID application. Missing steps along the process may not be a good option for you.

How can you get a federal tax ID?

  • In the present context, mainly sticking to the context of getting EIN, you can have the following options for applying for the same. Scroll down to know more.
  • It can be applied online. That is convenient for most people as it can be done at any time and anywhere.  You can apply to the site of irs.gov. Once you complete the EIN application form, your information gets validated. Soon after this, you have your EIN issued in no time. Saving and printing the confirmation notice can be a good idea for any further issues regarding the application.
  • It can also be applied through fax. Still, some corporations prioritize fax over other methods of applying to get the federal tax ID. You can complete a paper form and fax it to the IRS. In the process, make sure you use the correct FAX-TIN number. Make sure you provide your valid fax number so that the IRS can fax the EIN back to you effectively. Then the whole process takes around 4-5 business days.
  • How about applying through a mail? That is indeed one of the standard processes to apply. It is convenient and straightforward. If you choose to mail the application form, you must be willing to wait for at least four to six weeks for a complete procedure.
  • Moreover, for international applicants, the service is also open through the telephone. That makes it easier for international applicants as it assures real-time solutions to various problems.

Valid considerations

What about an existing business getting converted to another business? Does it require a separate LLC tax Id number?

Indeed Yes! A business may form to be a new business structure with a separate tax ID number. For instance, a corporation that is converting to an LLC will have to apply for a new LLC tax ID number from the IRS. Moreover, an LLC that accounted for being single-member and now goes to be a multi-member will have to get a new tax ID number from the IRS. Interestingly, a single member LLC with no employees is not required to get a new tax ID number.

What if you misplace the EIN?

If you misplace the EIN due to any unfortunate situation, you do not have to worry a lot. Just call the IRS’s Telephone Assistance for Businesses, and your matter would be sorted immediately.

In conclusion

Are you looking for a website to help streamline the process of completing an IRS tax ID application? IRS-EIN is just the business for you! They can help you successfully file your application and obtain your EIN. Simplify your life by contacting a legal document firm to play safe!

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