What Is a Limited Liability Company Tax ID?

When it comes to setting up and running your very own business, there are a number of different things to account for and decisions to make. Deciding what kind of entity, you would like to use for your business, for example, can be a confusing prospect. A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular choice that seems to work well for a number of indivduals. Just make sure that you remember that you must complete an IRS tax ID application and obtain your employer identification number (EIN) regardless of the entity you choose!
Limited Liability Company Tax ID

What is an EIN number?

When you fill out important forms or need to prove your identity, you will oftentimes be asked to provide your social security number (SSN). This number is unique to you, and is kind of like your fingerprint. Without it, you will find yourself hindered in your ability to fill out a number of documents, including those that help you open up things like a bank account. An EIN number, then, works much the same way for your business. You must provide your EIN number when filing taxes or opening up a business bank account.

How can I obtain an EIN?

To obtain an EIN for your LLC, you must first complete an IRS tax ID application. You can do this online, and it won’t take you long at all! You can even check EIN status throughout the process to ensure that your application is being processed. If everything continues as planned and the application is submitted accurately, you could have your EIN number in as few as one or two business days!
Are you looking for a website to help streamline the process of completing an IRS tax ID application? IRS-EIN is just the business for you! They can help you successfully file your application and obtain your EIN.


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