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Why Choose A Financial MSc Degree?

By adding an MSc in accountancy and finance to your CV your are not only opening up a route into a whole range of financial professions but doors will open that lead to a career in a host of other sectors which include advertising, journalism, law, sales, IT and marketing. The MSc in accounting and finance courses that are currently available are the step you need to take to reach the highest levels in these areas and is also the stepping stone you need to have in place to achieve a PhD.

A career in finance beckons

These courses focus on the needs of the global financial markets today and will help you on your way to building a career as an analyst, financial management or accountant. Those studying for their master’s degree in accounting and financing will find they are in an environment which is structured to provide students with the disciplines that are required to strengthen both skills and knowledge. This is a great starting point for those who want to pursue further academic or professional challenges in the future.

Practical Courses

While we would never dispute how important theory is, the best MSc Accountancy and Finance degrees have a very pragmatic approach and focus on those real life scenarios that you are going to come across during the course of your career. Taking your degree at an institution such as the Greenwich School of Management will allow you to not only attend tutorial and lectures but also take part in group work and case studies that will let you apply your own theoretical concepts to those problems you will face in the real world.

How long will it take me to get degree?

You generally have two alternatives depending on where you study; a one year full time course or two years part time. Which one you decide very much depends on how quickly you feel you need your degree and your personal circumstances. Some find the flexibility of part time study a god-send when they have to fit it in around work, while others prefer to dedicate a year of their life to gaining their MSc in Accountancy and Finance. Whichever you prefer it’s definitely worth while.

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