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Write a Guest Post in My Personal Finance Blog

Honestly, I always loved posting good and non-promotional articles written by others. As I know I can’t write everything and publish them up. I’m interested in only unique articles written by experts — something that is not there in my blog. In fact some wow ideas that is not published before. I want FinanceCareGuide to be the most helpful personal finance blog that it can be. But alone it is difficult. It needs caring and guidance other than mine. So, if you ever have a unique piece of financial tips or any advice you want to share here please contact me at peter{@}financecareguide.com and mail send it along. Sorry for writing the email this. I see many people are abusing and spamming my inbox.

Here is a little bit about what I am looking for you as a guest blogger to my blog. If you agree, write up the article and send it to the above said email. But before that you must contact me for story ideas. Else you can send me your about post ideas with a complete summary.

How to get your guest article approved:

I have listed here some guideline that can help you understand more about what I want.

 Make it Relevant:

I accept articles that are 100% relevant to financial topics and valuable to my readers. As this is a personal finance blog and all my readers are looking for financial advice, I will publish your article if it is on finance and law. Again I reserve the full editorial rights of your submitted article and can make a little change to make it appropriate. Most significantly the articles need to be unique i.e. it is never published earlier in the internet.

Make it Well-Written:

Well written original content has never lost its value. Be careful while writing you article, you are not writing for the search engine crawler. You are writing for human visitor who are there to find certain solution or advice. Put and link to keywords everywhere in the post makes it ugly. My readers expect grammatically correct, easy to read and understand articles. Here are few tips tip to make it acceptable.

  • Punchy title for the article that catches eye
  • A wow opening paragraph that glue the reader.
  • Facts and figures the support the idea behind the post.
  • Steady paragraphs with bullet points.
  • A conclusion the offer summary and comments at the end.

 Author Bio

Writing an author bio is an art not a riddle. To start with your bio makes it more presentable in third person tone. I hope you understand this is a correct way of writing your bio. Write where you work, your expertise or any anything notable.  The credit back link to your website will be here only.

Credit Links and Word Count:

Only 1 credit link will be approved to your article in the author bio to your blog or non-business website.  No links in the content will be approved for corporate sites unless they are sponsored.  If you will be interested further, check out the advertisement opportunities with Finance Care Guide.

Do not waste my time by sending articles below 600 words. You will never get a reply from me. The article must reach the minimum criteria.

A lot of targeted people are going to read your article and hopefully a bunch of visitors to your website as well! So how about sending me a mail. I will let you know if your article got approved.

Peter Christopher

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