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Your Dream Job Does Not Need To Be A Dream Anymore!

Many of us may not care to admit but often we have caught ourselves wondering about the direction our life has taken. We find out that following one’s dream is not an option when you have a family that depends on you. You have got to pay the bills and your dream won’t allow it. As a result we often do jobs that we don’t love but somehow do it because we have to. Imagine how saddening it is to reach your retirement age and then wonder how pointless your life has been.

Don’t leave your dream, follow it with your heart

Thinking if only I had followed my dream, given life to my passion, my life would have been a whole lot different and happier than now. This feeling isn’t new to most of us. In the bid to have a comfortable life we always let go of the life we dream of. Your dream may be to become a writer or a musician or anything that may not allow a lot of scope for money in the beginning. This is what holds us back and leads us to the path where we take regular and secure jobs to have a flow of income.

After all, this is what is going to ensure our bills are paid isn’t it? But one thing that we should ponder over is what is the point of all this. Is it worth it? Is it worth risking your dream and then having regret for just having a comfortable life at the present? The answer is a screaming “No”.

No comfort is worth the regret

Nothing is worth the regret that comes with one’s abandonment of a dream. Believe me, many just wish, they could do something about it when they had the time, if only they could change that decision but alas, time has passed for them. But you still have a chance to make the correct choice. You should be smart enough to earn sufficient while you live your dream.

There has been an age old debate of choosing between working to live or living to work mantra. If you are smart then you can do both. Yes, you heard it right, doing what you love may be hard on your finances but that does not mean you cannot substantiate with other income sources.

Know your dream and own it: Research everything about your dream job. What it requires and how it can be done? If you know the A to Z of it then you won’t face any problem to create a comfortable scenario when you will have enough for launching your dream while having a safety cushion for life.

Substitute the income: It does not matter what you have to do to live your dream. The important thing is that you get to live it. Many successful people have confirmed that they had to do odd day jobs to give color to their passion. You can do the same. Today there are many opportunities available to have a steady source of income. And when you have saved enough and know its time, you can always fly then.

There is nothing more satisfying than to live your dream. Do not let go of it just to pay your bills.

Peter Christopher

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