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Your Guide to The Latest RL360° Fund Review

Savings and investments specialist RL360°, which is based on the Isle of Man and has regional offices in Lebanon, Dubai and Hong Kong, has finished its latest fund review for 4 of its most popular products. The changes affect the Life Plan, Quantum, Oracle and Paragon products and they are designed to ensure that the company keeps a varied fund range composed of solidly performing investments.

An annual process

RL360° conducts a full fund review each year. The firm points out those funds can suffer peaks and troughs due to changes in market conditions. These fluctuations make it necessary to review funds on a regular basis. According to the company, by performing an analysis of its funds and making any necessary changes, it can ensure they remain attractive.

The financial services provider notes that funds which have done well previously but have lost their competitive edge may need to be replaced with different options that are demonstrating stronger growth.

The highlights

The RL360° review resulted in the addition of 28 new fund links for the Quantum, Paragon and Oracle products. The company stated it has filled a gap in its range by introducing a selection of regional equity funds. It has also brought an additional 6 fund managers on board and it has included 2 further ethical funds aimed at socially-conscious investors.

For Life-plan, RL360° has included 18 core new funds. It pointed out that when choosing funds for this product, it has to prioritise steady performance. With this in mind, it has added a number of more stable performing equity funds. It has also brought in 3 extra ethical funds and added 5 new sectors to its range.

Established in 2008 when Scottish Provident International Life Assurance Limited and Scottish Life International Insurance Company Limited came together, RL360° offers a range of savings and investment solutions. You can get further details of its products and fund ranges, and read RL360° Quantum reviews, online. The fact that the firm is based on the Isle of Man means it can provide its clients with impressive scope for tax efficiency. The island doesn’t have capital gains tax or withholding or wealth levies. This is one of the primary reasons why RL360°’s products are so popular with investors around the world. Currently, the company has around 60,000 policyholders in 170 countries and it continues to grow, extend its product offering and attract new investors.

Peter Christopher

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