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Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

In this article I would like to share with you some important stocks and Forex trading tips because believe it or not, trading stocks, Forex and currencies can be your ticket to financial freedom, I know because I did it and I’m talking from personal experience.

Thousands of traders from all over the world make a living from trading because they use proven and successful stocks and forex trading strategies and know that if they are greedy and not smart they will lose and will have to get back to their day job and nobody wants that after being so free. So what does it mean to be free?

Think about getting up whenever  you want, no boss on your head, no day job to attend for 8-9 hours each and every day and all you need is 2-3 hours a day to work on your stocks and currencies and trade smart. Here are some rules you should follow in order to redeem your ticket to financial freedom:

Dedicate 2-3 hours a day for work

You should always work prior to any trading day and 2-3 hours is sufficient to read and analyze charts, read the financial news, realize the market’s direction that day and find the stocks and currencies to trade. Write down the entry and exit points of each stock and currency, this way you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll make from the trade and limit your losses to a minimum if the trade did not go as expected.

Trade with a limited amount of money at first

Trading is difficult and a hard profession, that is why you should trade with a small amount of money at first and as you learn the market more, gain more experience then you can add more money to your trading account and trade for larger amounts. Be smart, not greedy.

Trade with your head and not with your gut

Trading has nothing to do with luck and we are not gambling with our money, that is why you should never trade according to your gut feelings or because of rumors you may have heard. Like mentioned before, always do your homework and come prepared to any trading day knowing exactly when to enter and exit a position because this is the only we to trade and follow your bankroll 100% of the times.

Always learn and read as many charts as possible

Even when you don’t trade read and analyze charts, try to predict if you were right in your analysis or not. The more you analyze the better you become and it will come to a point that 2 minutes will be enough for you to look at a chart and know if you have entry points there or not. Now, working for 2-3 hours a day means a lot of charts each and every day and thus more options to make money each day.

These are only a few crucial tips and rules to follow in order to succeed in the world of trading but there is a lot more. Remember that this is not a “get rich fast” plan as I don’t believe in those. You will need to learn, suffer some losses but as you gain more experience, learn from mistakes and follow strict proven strategies you will make money and eventually will be able to quit your day job and accomplish financial freedom and a better life.

Peter Christopher

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