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Why Now Might Be a Good Time to Invest in Your Business?

Knowing when to make a major investment in your own business isn’t always easy. In some cases it’s easier to estimate in advance when you’ll need to spend on training, new systems or staff. But, there are also times when the signals are too mixed to point in any one direction. Right now though, it seems things are improving for US businesses.

Businesses Feel More Upbeat

The latest data on US business inventories from the Commerce Department, reported that US business inventories rose 0.5% in June. That’s the highest increase in seven months and up from May’s 0.3% gain. Business inventories are an important component of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And, according to business development experts GR-US.com, it’s likely this stronger rise suggests businesses operating in the US are confident that consumer spending will be positive during the summer and possibly beyond. Knowing when to make that investment in the stock you carry and the staff you need to help sell and deliver it, is a difficult part of business planning. However, it’s also a crucial element of running a successful business and benefitting from an upswing in consumer spending.

July Data Positive, Too

The more timely, but slightly less comprehensive monthly report from the Institute of Supply Management, (ISM), meanwhile, suggests businesses retained that upbeat mood into July. The manufacturing ISM report for July continued to grow, albeit at a slightly slower pace than in June. But, the inventories sub-index was among the elements that improved from June.

That highlights that many businesses are still anticipating a good few months, or even quarters, ahead. “Several Business Survey Committee Members commented on their concern that inventory may not keep pace with production output going forward,” said chair of the ISM, Timothy R. Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., in the press release.

Consider putting your investment as stocks if…

Whether you are trailing to the blissful pre-quarantined timeframe or May 2020, investing strategies would bag for being dependent over the same set of protocols.

  • Extra cash

If you have extra cash in these unprecedented times, consider investing in your business in the long run. Having additional savings lying around you can be put to use to enhance your considerably enhance your business strategies.

  • Responding to smoke signals?

Many a time, concerning the dynamic changes in the volatile markets, you may consider investing in your business depends on two things. That is the bottom or recovery. Well, if you think this way, you may not be more wrong. The volatile market, indeed, does not work that way. Since nobody knows the bottom line, it may not be guaranteed a progressive investment for you. The only way to see the bottom is when the recovery begins. Moreover, your personal financial situation largely dictates an excellent time to invest in your business, not the current condition in the financial markets. If you give it a second thought, you would undoubtedly reflect on the statements in your real financial proceedings.

Can stocks help you build an investment for your business now?

Contextually, looking back at your previous investments, there may be enormously greater investment ways for your business. That being said, chances of building wealth for your business depend on the time you have invested in stocks. Interestingly, for assuring your business investment strategies, getting benefit from the stellar returns of the stocks can be a great way to invest them now.

Does COVID-19 pandemic hold investment opportunities?

In the current scenario, it might be uncertain about painting the real picture of the world economy. With various businesses being shut down and several MNCs slowing their pace, it would be hard to imagine investing in the current timeframe. If you sketch the market strategy that is envisaged to flourish over the multiple financial years, it will render you with some hope. If you are a long-term investor, now might be the best time to invest.

Are you wondering why?

Spiking up to the ever-increasing fear of coronavirus in recent times, it continues to be active over the economic wheels. However, if you contribute to your investments now or even put more money in the market, it can undoubtedly pace things for your business. It is the only way to have the dollar-cost averaging work for you. In real tracks, the point is to average the prices you buy concerning the market price. If your financial situation allows you to contribute continuously, then YES might be a good time to invest in your business.

Easy ways to invest in your business amidst COVID-19

For people who are planning to invest in their businesses for the first time, it is better to get started with 401(k) at work. Setting up an automatic contribution in our pay check can be a good idea for heftier investments for your business.

If you have a large bundle of finance in the lockers of your banks, you can effectively break-up the contributions for business. Setting up with automatic contributions from the bank account can also contribute greater finance for your business in this unfortunate situation.

How much to invest now?

COVID-19 has eroded the financial sectors to the worst as it has adversely affected the global businesses. But still, amid the worldwide pandemic, the situation has opened ways to cater to some ideal companies. Interestingly, there is a dilemma over buying the dips or staying aloof of the market.

Well, how about poaching the essential need of the financial upheaval in the volatility of the economic sectors? It is said that investing in some proportions would sway your finance to considerate leveled peaks. You can invest around 10% to 20% for a safe play and wait for the market to move over next progressive trading sessions.

However, knowing the right time to invest cannot be anticipated since there is no economic model. But undoubtedly, sticking to your long-term investment strategies can yield good results over time. In the current context, jumping directly to the motives would mean you can effectively stomach volatility. Getting a comprehensive financial plan along with suitable asset allocation, can do the job for you.

It’s Not Too Late

With US GDP growth anticipated to rise sharply in 2017 to around the 2.3% mark according to Goldman Sachs Asset Management, from 1.6% in 2016, it’s likely not too late for any businesses who haven’t yet increased their inventory with a view to grabbing additional profits from upbeat consumers.

Of course, it might mean any profits boost from more confident Americans and tourists won’t be as big as they might have been. But, if you can increase your inventory sooner rather than later – in a sensible fashion – you should still be in line for some good news. Provided that scenario tallies with your own data, that is.

Activity can differ considerably between industries, so, as with all your business decisions, be sure to take the time to make the right one – even if it means you miss out for a short time. After all, it’s much safer to take a calculated risk than one with no evidence for success.

Peter Christopher

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