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Benefits of Using SMS Marketing for Your Business

There are dozens of different ways to promote your business in today’s world. SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective and generally advantageous business marketing methods. The way it works is simple: you send short messages to people’s mobile phones that promote your business. Here are some of the advantages of using SMS over other marketing methods:

Customers Can Easily Opt-In and Opt-Out

There are many ways to get subscribers to your SMS messaging list. People can opt in by sending a text message to a certain number, by filling out a form on your website, or by providing their phone number on a paper form. You can encourage people to opt-in through various methods. For example, if you are running a contest, the participant can provide their mobile number as a contact phone number and check a box to receive promotional messages from you.

Opting out is also very simple. All the subscriber needs to do is to reply to one of your messages with the word “STOP.”

Very High Open Rates

When compared to email messages, mobile text messages have extremely high open rates. The majority of commercial emails aren’t opened by their recipients. On the other hand, nearly every text message that is sent to a mobile phone gets read by the recipient.

High Reliability

With email, you often have to battle spam filters that flags nearly all promotional messages as junk, even if the subscriber opted in to receive them. With SMS, you simply don’t have this barrier. Your messages will be delivered directly to the recipient’s phone inbox, which gives you a nearly 100% chance that they will be read.

Low Cost

Setting up an SMS marketing campaign doesn’t require a large budget. This means that smaller businesses can use text messages just as much as larger companies.

There are many things that business owners can achieve by using an SMS campaign to promote their products and services. Here are some of them:

Increased Customer Loyalty

By sending messages directly to the mobile phones of existing customers, you will help keep people loyal to your business. The customer will get a feeling that you care about them and will thus be more likely to continue to shop at your business, as opposed to checking out what the competition has to offer.

High Response Rates

Statistics show that direct mail has a response rate of just under 3.5 percent. With SMS, this rate is around 17.5 percent. This means that about 1 in 5 people who saw your message will take action as a result of it. The conversion rate for text messages is thus extremely high compared to any other marketing method.

More Website Traffic

The majority of consumers now have a smartphone with Internet access. This allows you to insert a link to your website in an SMS. Therefore, text message marketing is a great way to get customers to check out new items on your website.

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