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Getting Video Conferencing to Work In Your Office

Communicating in the office should be simple when everyone’s there. If you want to arrange a meeting, it should be as easy as sending an e-mail to staff and agreeing a time and place to gather. However, if there are a few employees who are away from the office but working from home, it can be hard to get them involved, right? Thanks to Powwow now Video Conferencing, the problem of not getting people in a meeting will be a thing of the past.

Video conferencing could be an essential tool for your business’s office. It could make arranging meetings with remote employees easy, as well as speaking to customers, potential clients and investors without having to travel a long way to meet them in person. The latter is even more important for any office, as using this technology could result in potentially huge savings on phone bills and travel costs, something that appeals to many companies seeking to cut costs.

Web Conferencing from companies like Powwow now has helped offices around the country to be more efficient, which in these times is very important. Powwow now in particular have come to the fore with this technology, which is why they have seen sales grow by 30% year on year. On top of that, they recently managed to complete a takeover of a rival firm, strengthening their position as market leaders in the process.

To help them complete the takeover, Powwow now received a loan under the government’s Funding for Lending scheme, which ended in August 2012. Along with the loan, Barclays will be offering advice on how the firm can grow further and raise awareness of its existing technology, not to mention some of its services that are still in the pipeline such as video conferencing and collaborative software.

Peter Christopher

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