The IRS Tax Lawyer to the Rescue

To those of us who hate doing our taxes, dealing with the IRS can seem like a nightmare — especially when it comes to trying to resolve tax-related problems.  Most of us dread spending time on-hold because we know that when a representative finally does come on the line we will have to face another battle: solving the issue without being transferred to another department or being rejected.

Although dealing with the IRS can be tough, it’s necessary. Ignoring a tax problem with the IRS can lead to major consequences including severe penalties. But there is a way to get your tax issue resolved without having to do the work on your own: hire a tax attorney. Whether you hire a tax attorney in San Francisco or San Jose, an IRS tax lawyer can help solve your tax problems.

When it comes to IRS and state tax controversies, the right lawyer can develop a case-specific solution to help you resolve your tax problem. Whether it is negotiating a compromise offer, setting up a payment plan, or stopping a tax levy, the IRS attorney can properly handle your dispute in a timely manner.

It’s hard to deal with the IRS on your own. Consider hiring a tax settlement attorney who can deal with the problems on your behalf. You can benefit from hiring an IRS tax attorney if you need assistance with: criminal tax investigations; offshore account disclosures; audits and tax court issues; delinquent tax returns; offers in compromise; payment agreements; abatement of tax penalties; tax liens and levies; wage garnishments; and employment and payroll taxes.

This blog was supported by the Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C., an experienced law firm offering services in tax, probate, trust, and business law. Run by Jeffrey B. Kahn, the firm serves clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California. Contact the law firm to hire an experienced IRS tax lawyer.

Select Right Approach to debt relief and Attain Financial Goals Easily

We all have faced situations in life when we are neck deep in debt. Certain factors can lead to debt dilemma. Whether be it unemployment, illness or overspending can force you in a debt situation. It is important that we have an effective debt management plan which helps us in our hay days.  The first step that individuals take when they are in debt is debt relief. Coping with debt is not easy as it can give rise to immense stress. Debt can slowly build over time and can lead to unmanageable situations. The sooner you start dealing with debt the better it is.

A debt relief program

You can get help in order to cope with your debt. Once you take action and deal with debt relief it will help in restoring your confidence. A debt relief program can help you get out of debt quickly. A debt relief program is highly recommended for individuals who are struggling to cope with debt. Certain features of debt relief programs can be discussed as follows:

  • It assists you in designing debt repayment plan.
  • It provides a strategy according to which you can save money.
  • It helps you to negotiate with creditors and helps you to deal with multiple debts.
  • It offers credit counseling and helps to analyze financial situations.

Manage debt effectively

If you are looking for ways to resolve your debt it is important to assess the pros and cons. It is necessary to adopt a method which caters to your situation the best. Debt relief can be attained by adopting the following methods:

  • Debt resolution or debt settlement is the perfect way to settle debts. It can help you to reach a solvent situation without declaring bankruptcy.
  • For moderate debt relief credit counseling is very appropriate. It can help you to pay your bills on time.
  • Debt consolidation is a common debt relief method which makes use of a refinance loan. You can use this strategy to pay off credit card debt.

Debt settlement can prove useful

If you have fallen behind in making payments you can take resort to debt settlement. In a debt settlement program, the debt settlement service provider negotiates with a creditor and on lowering the outstanding amount of the debt. A debt settlement program includes debt counseling services which helps the debtors in their repayment options. A debt settlement program is the right choice for individuals who are in a tough financial position. The debt settlement service provider negotiates for settlements which are lower than the amount that is owed to the creditors. Managing larger debts becomes easier.

Take resort to debt consolidation

While selecting for an unsecured loan which helps you to pay off all your debts it is important to assess the costs involved. A common form of debt consolidation is cash out refinance. At times, consolidation loans require collateral. If you do not have collateral you will have to settle for unsecured loans. With debt consolidation loans, there is a chance of obtaining secured loans at lower interest rate. The greatest advantage of debt consolidation is that you need to make a single payment to the creditor. You need not worry about multiple payments in this approach to debt relief.

You may choose any method to settle your debts. But it is important to ensure that you pay off the debts. It is important to save money which can help you to attain the goals you have in the near future. Assessing the approach of a method on your credit score may become difficult. It has been seen that using the snowball method to eliminate debt has proved to be very useful. By paying off debts which are smaller you are more likely to pay off the outstanding balance.

Analysis of Budget Plan

A well-organized budget plan would provide a good status to the person and also a sigh of relief from various complications that might arise due to improper financial management. Most of the people would be unaware of the importance of budget plan, its benefits and the risks that one might have to face if they do not manage their finances properly. People who want to obtain a loan for attaining their dreams or satisfying their need should definitely frame a budget and experts suggest that it is the best way to manage the financial transactions. View website for more information.


  • Budget plan would enable the individual or an organization to have control over all the financial transactions performed by them.
  • Cash flow within the business or personal life should have a check or control, only then the person would find it easier to manage his or her personal finances.


  • Budget framer would be aware of the percentage of income that gets utilized for various expenses and it would offer them a solution for any financial problem they might be facing.
  • Individuals would be aware of where to spend and where not to as a result of budgeting.
  • Expense management would become very simple.
  • Budgeting would help the person in maintaining a savings account.
  • The amount saved on this account would not only provide the cash the person would be in need of during emergency situations but would also be helpful when they apply for any future loan programs.
  • Usually for a mortgage loan program, lenders would instantly approve the loan for people who are going to make a higher down payment. Thus, people who have saved handful of cash for their future would be able to buy a luxury or expensive property too, which they would not be able to buy without the savings amount.
  • Loans with no credit check Lenders would treat such borrowers as people who are serious about their financial transaction and so they would be sure that they would get their money back.


  • Improper financial planning would bring down the credit score of the individual or an organization.
  • Poor credit borrowers would not be able to apply for any conventional loans offered in the market since lenders would consider them as high risk borrowers.
  • During medical emergencies and other intense situations, those who do not have a proper budget plan or do not follow the plan would not possess enough funds at that point of time and so they would be pushed to look for financial assistance.
  • Either due to their credit score or income source the borrowers might be able to obtain only a high risk loan program, which would create more problems for them.
  • A state of uncertainty would prevail since one would not be aware of what would happen next since the person would not have a backup to manage any situation that might come their way.

Thus, in order to tackle every situation that one might face, a proper budget plan should be put together and followed.

Maintaining A Financial Balance

Life of every single individual in this world seems to have ups and downs. The individual should make him or her well-equipped in order to tackle all these situations. A proper financial balance is necessary in order to manage the financial status of the person in a uniform manner right throughout. In this article, a brief description of all the factors that would help in establishing a proper financial balance in a person’s life is provided. Good credit borrowers would be able to obtain online loans programs in the future.


Framing a budget is the most important aspect of all. Budget should not be copied from others; a financial plan should be framed based on the financial status of the person. Borrowers should have a control over their personal cash flow and this can be established only with a proper budgeting. Expenses that are unavoidable should be given priority and it is always better to cut down any additional expenses which are not beneficial. The amount of money that the person would earn should be kept as the basis for framing the budget.

Cash-in should always be higher than cash-out only then; the person’s financial status would be at a good level. If the cash-out is higher or equal to one another, then the amount of disposable cash that would be present with the borrower would be very less. Around 10 to 20% of the monthly income possessed by the borrower should be saved in a savings account. This methodology should be followed by borrowers since it would help them in the future.

In the remaining 80 to 90% of the income left, around 60% might be required for making payments towards utility bills and debt payments. It is the responsibility of the borrower to make sure that this ratio does not increase. People with multiple debts would find that they might have to make 70% of their income towards debt payments and this would not be a comfortable position for the individual. A lower amount of bill and debt payments would provide the person with a lot of financial resources.

Higher the amount of disposable cash better would be the financial status of the individual. One should not overuse their financial resources and if they do so then that is when the problem arises. Expense management also plays a crucial role. The remaining 30 to 40% of the income left apart from the savings and bill payments should be utilized wisely by the borrower. People who belong to the younger age group, bachelors etc. would not manage their expenses in a proper manner.

Middle aged people and family oriented individuals are more likely to manage their expenses and they are most likely to be eligible for any future payday loan no credit check programs. Saving money would be useful at the point of future loan applications since higher down payments would help the borrower obtain the loan even when they possess a bad credit score. Such is the benefit of maintaining a proper financial balance.

Claiming a Dependent

Claiming a dependent on your taxes can save you thousands of dollars per year. Now that we’ve captured your attention, let’s review the logistics which include the IRS regulations and qualifications. If you have children or members of your family who rely on your earnings, you may be able to claim one or more of them as dependents. In order for your child to qualify, they must either:

  1. Live with you for more than 6 months and be age 18 or younger.
  2. Or under the age of 24 if they’re a full-time student (at least 5 months out of the year). 

One exception to this rule is if the child provides more than half of his/her own monetary support. If that’s the case, then they are not eligible to be a dependent. There are also a number of other special regulations for children receiving financial support from two or more individuals, for example households with divorced or separated parents. In this scenario, consult Publication 504 for IRS tax help.

Note: There are exemptions if your child does not meet the age restrictions or relative status as long as he/she can prove an income under $3,900 and that you provide the majority of their financial needs.

Children are the not the only relatives who may be claimed as dependents. If you give support to parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, stepparents, or even in-laws you can claim them as dependents assuming they adhere to the following considerations within the tax-applicable year:

  • A citizen or resident of the United States, Canada, or Mexico.
  • Receive more than half of their financial support from you.
  • Less than $3,900 of income during the year, not including Social Security benefits.
  • Did not file a joint income tax return with any other citizen.
  • Are being claimed by only you.

The Tie-Breaker

In 2005, the IRS passed a set of rules that regulate the way dependents could be claimed in households where parents were either divorced or separated. Generally, the home in which the child resides in for more than half the year is the one who’s eligible to claim the exemption.

What if neither parent has custody for more than half the year? It’s simple, neither individual can file the claim. It’s important to keep in mind that in the event that one ex-spouse remarries, the new joint income will also count towards the child’s financial support calculation. So as a general rule of thumb, the parent who contributes more to the child financially (care, housing, food expenses) is the one qualified to claim the dependency exemption. Levy & Associates offers IRS tax help if you’re unsure which parent has authority over claiming a dependent or any other matter regarding your financial affairs.

The bottom line is that these exemptions can equate to big savings when it comes to your taxes and returns. Make an effort to explore all your options when it comes time to file and exhaust all your options in terms of eligible deductions.

Price Action Strategies for simple yet powerful Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange or Forex trading is expanding its reach exponentially in the recent years, and more traders are pulled into this trading process every day. Though there are a lot of Forex Trading tips, guides and technical essays, some of the most successful Forex Trading companies and individuals are believed to have used the most simplistic methods to succeed in their business. Price Action trading is one of such strategies believed to have helped many traders to become successful. This is because of the fact that the charts used in this strategy are very use to read and understand. There are some important aspects in this strategy apart from its simplicity that makes Price Action as one of the most reliable and most followed Forex trading techniques.

Out of the crowd Strategy:

Two types of analysis methods were commonly used by traders of all sorts: Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. The Fundamental analysis is done by studying financial data, world events and economic figures, whereas the Technical Analysis involves studying technical variables deeply. The former method is too unreliable whereas the latter is too complex for everyone to learn. But the Price Action Strategies are simple, reliable and if used correctly, accurate. It is not comprised of technical terms neither is calculated by taking external factors like world events into account. The only indicator is the price and only for support & assistance, the technical terms and financial data were used.

Clear Charts

Technical Analysis using some of the most complex indicators like RSI and Stochastic gives out a chart that would confuse any normal man. The signals were not clear and were sometimes were not genuine. This leads to the trader in getting anxiety and above all, to lose money by believing false signals. Even though, it requires a lot of technical knowledge about a lot of indicators to draw any information out of those confusing, false leading readings. But, with price as the only indicator, the Price Action charts are so simple to read and drawing trade plans based on the signals are easy as well.

Less Day Trading

It is believed that 95% day traders, i.e. traders who trade every day, lose more money than the traders who trade not so frequently. Experienced and successful traders always suggest less market interaction. The Price Action Strategies prevents a trader from deciding the buying or selling of materials so quickly just by looking at a bearish or bullish signal that may be false. There is a basic rule called “Two Attempts rule” in this type of trading, where a trader has to look for two similar but rhythmic signals before deciding the bearish or bullish behaviour of the market. This in turn reduces the frequent interaction of the trader with the market because two similar signals may take long to appear on the chart and hence quick and negative consequent decisions are prevented.

These are only a part of all the advantages a trader can enjoy while following Price Action techniques. More detailed guides are freely available, helping people to learn and succeed in forex trading quicker than they’ve imagined.

About the author: This article has been written by Mohit Jain. He has written articles for online finance blog and publications and has extensively covered the topic of price action trading and debt relief services.

Roundup of Best Tips for Personal Finance Software

It’s the beginning of a new year—and this is certainly the season for resolutions galore. Whether it is personal, work-related or financial, your new-year financial objectives need solid preparation, strategy and effective implementation to be successful. Personal finance software gives you the tools and mindset necessary to fulfill your economic resolutions, from managing your expenses to paying off your credit card debt to planning for retirement. This article provides you a collection of tips and best practices so you can get your financial new year started in the right direction.

Do your homework and set up goals

When it comes to personal finance, the most important tip is preparation. Do your homework, figure out your goals and formulate the best tactics to achieve them. You can use software to reach your objectives, but without effective planning, odds of a successful implementation are slim. Finance specialists often say a personal finance goal must be S.M.A.R.T.: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Another aspect of personal preparation entails talking to friends and family, doing online research and reaching out to professionals.

Be mobile ready

In this day and age, the Internet has asserted its dominance on the way we live, make money, spend money and plan for the future. In addition, mobile devices are soon to be the predominant device accessing the Internet — you need only see the hundreds of millions of handheld devices that are currently active to assure yourself of this trend.

If you do have a smart phone, you can easily avail yourself of some wonderful apps that will allow you to, at a minimum, obtain real-time account and expense status of your various banking accounts. provides here a comprehensive, well-rounded list of personal finance software including some great apps. Be sure to take a look at the apps from Mint and Check.Me.

Remember that some of these apps are free, while others require that you make a one-time (often hefty) payment or remit a specific amount on a monthly basis. Check with the app provider or website before picking your program.

Choose your personal finance software wisely’s Jill Duffy in her “Best Personal Finance software” article, gives a nice rundown of the pros and cons of some of the top software packages on the market including: Mint, Doxo, Manilla, Check.Me,  and You Need a Budget. She doesn’t mention Quicken but you should know that this latest release from Intuit is also one of the most popular software packages on the market.

Take advantage of the cloud and niche websites

To track your money, you don’t necessarily need off-the-shelf software. Many websites now provide the same functionalities you find in a typical program using ‘cloud technology’. These cloud based applications range from expense monitoring and income planning to tax planning, debt management and retirement planning. The 2014 version of Quicken provides you a mobile app that syncs in the cloud. Mint and Check.Me use the cloud as well. Most of these programs also allow you to archive multi-year data—which is a good thing if you want to check progress made, identify weaknesses in your financial strategy or figure out what expense categories are “eating” your money away.

There are some great websites to bookmark as well. Personal finance connoisseur Laura Adams in her “7 Best Finance Tools” post, gives helpful tips on money management and recommends some of great niche websites such as:,, and


The best tips for personal finance software start with effective preparation, goal definition and expert advice. To increase your chances of success, figure out what type of financial objective you want to achieve—curb debt or track expenses, for example—and seek the best tools to reach the objective. Remember that personal finance software comes in three types: desktop applications, websites/cloud applications and smart phone apps. The idea is to find a program that fits your budget (not all apps are free); is compatible with your device; and can help you input, track, analyze and summarize your financial information in an easy and effective manner.

Mr. Jay Wilner is managing partner at Out of Bounds Communications, a digital marketing agency based in Kansas City. He writes on a variety of financial, military and technology topics. He wrote this article on behalf of SET Financial, an up and coming community financial lender based in Fort Mill, SC.

Home Insurance Can Be Purchased From An Insurance Company Las Vegas

There are several types of insurance that you can purchase for your daily life. Many states require automobile insurance, but the kind of coverage varies based on whether you make payments on the car or if you own the car. Some insurance providers like Advance Insurance can be purchased from a Las Vegas insurance company. It is easy to enroll in the plans, and you often save money when you bundle the coverage you receive.

Automobile insurance is one of the easiest kinds to get. All you have to do is enter your vehicle information and decide how much coverage you want on the vehicle. If you are making payments on the vehicle, then the car dealer will probably require a minimum amount. You can also get coverage for a motorcycle. Some companies work with insurance providers in order to find you the best rates possible for your insurance. You will be responsible for a monthly payment, or you can choose to set up the payments on a six-month payment. There is a premium to pay every six months. A deductible is also required in some cases before any work can be done to the vehicle after an accident. Most companies will work with you no matter what kind of vehicle you own.

Another common form of insurance is home insurance. The year of the home will play a factor in how much coverage you can get and how much you will pay. If you have a new home, then it is a good idea to get as much coverage as you can afford. Many companies have flood and fire coverage built into the home insurance so that in the event anything happens to the home, you can get compensation for your belongings. Another aspect to look at is if coverage is provided in certain areas. These areas would be flood zones and known locations where there are frequent tornadoes or hurricanes. Insurance companies often have someone available to talk to if you have questions about the types of coverage and the various companies that provide coverage. Most business can be conducted online so that you won’t have to go to an office.

Causes To Acquire A Refinance Car Loan

However many individuals have heard the term they can be not acquainted with the basic processes involved in refinancing especially when it involves car loans. A refinance car loan is actually a way through which persons can conserve a great deal of income. The great thing is even used car loans could be refinanced so cost savings can be garnered from there at the same time.

You can find very numerous causes why a person may possibly think about the option of car refinancing. Probably the most frequent purpose would be the inability to pay the current month to month payments. Yet another explanation might be the monthly payments have become cumbersome and leaves a single broke soon after the payment. Other common motives incorporate the inability to cope with the large interest rates as well as the need to save more inside the lengthy phrase. The list is limitless.

The entire point then of a refinance car loan is always to aid one particular to save income inside the long term. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear ones debts and obtain a fresh start off. But before a single goes operating off to refinance there are a few things to contemplate.

To start with make certain the loan sum that you just get is lower than the real resale value on the car. A single also must make sure that you just usually do not default within the payments since the car might be seized to recoup for that lenders losses. Individuals with poor credit need not apply. It’s ideal to attempt and repair that situation initial, increase ones credit rating somewhat then apply for sought after loan.

You can find quite several economic institutions which offer you these kinds of car loans. All one must do is search. It’s always best to have a look at your alternatives online before diving in. You’ll uncover a wealth of info as most financial institutions decide to place profitable offers up on the internet inside a bid to obtain customers. Do your research; ask persons which were with the method just before for guidelines and then decide if a refinance car loan is to suit your needs.

What To Look After While Selecting The Best Stocks Investments Companies

Stock Investment companies are also called as listed investment companies, and in short we call it as LICs. This is a little different term compared to than brokerage firms or investment forms.  Investment and brokerage firms are online trading portals that use stockbrokers to carry out trades for customers. Stockbrokers are licensed experts, certified, and qualified to give advice about purchasing and selling stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.  Stockbrokers develop a long-term relationship with their customers by creating and implementing a financial management technique that meets both short and long term financial objectives.

Secret Behind Investment

Stock investment companies spend on assets portfolio, such as private equity stocks, stock shares, municipal bonds, and mutual funds. These companies have stock shares that could be traded by a stock dealer on an exchange.  While an investment company vends part of their asset, they pay taxes on their revenue and then they pay to their investors a bonus.

How They Do It?

A value or share cost of a stock investment party is dogged by the free market. Precious investment companies formulate their investors’ money, while low valuable investment companies might lose their investors’ capital.  For investors, this denotes that the stock shares of the investment companies may trade at a best or at a large concession, depending on the market’s forecast and analysis of future progresses.

In Which Way They Charge?

Brokers and brokerage firms demand their clients steep charges. Stock brokers are remunerated on commission and the brokerage firms might charge investors trade charges, management charges, or account balance transfer charges other than the commissions. This creates working with an investment firm pricey.  Investment companies have lower charges than other managed funds. Best stocks investments companies do, however, charge trade charges. Some of the newer, developing companies may also demand performance charges.  Investors must weigh the charges against any possible profits and make judgments accordingly.  These charges can take a taste out of any selection. Investment companies don’t frequently issue latest shares or withdraw shares as investors vend or purchase shares. Analysts submit to this perform as a “closed end” finance.  This closed end policy allows fund managers and forecasters to focus on selecting the most excellent investments and not money flow.  Generally, stock investment companies are related to any stock exchange’s business governance and listing, filing, and reporting rules. This formulates them legitimate investment prospects.

Find The Best Stocks Investments Companies

Similar to conventional stocks, the stock investment companies are open to the overall instability and progress of the marketplace. Stock Investment companies might be a risky deal, particularly in a boom period or a bull market, when investors may look for more high profile prospects. Stock investment companies are excellent options for a bear marketplace, when investors are searching for a securer bet and longer-term ventures. When selecting a stock investment company, every investor must follow the similar standards and principles that they do for bonds, mutual funds, and conventional stocks.  The stock investment company must have documented and verified management, a five year track record of firm growth, long-term worth, and a management structure, which greets investment.  To get best profit from your investment, please check out Invest Online Ltd or log on to