Fixed-Rate Versus Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, Which Is Better During Times Of Recessions?

The fixed and variable mortgage rates are different regarding the funding. The variable mortgage rate is a product that is based on the prime lending rate while a mortgage lender buys fixed mortgages, then sold as a mortgage to a buyer and later re-sold to make an income. In 2008, there was an economic crisis that affected the whole world with countries such as Canada being affected. It led to the agreement that governments hold their prime lending rates low so that they can keep the cost of borrowing attractive to potential clients.
Such measures have resulted in the growing of economy in the leading industrialized countries for more than five years. They have also helped the staving off a deeper recession than what countries would have witnessed. The consequences of low rates led to positive of the purchasing in the real estate sector resulting in the affordability of houses.
The measures include amortization reductions, rules of borrowing being tightened and a requirement of variable mortgage rate shoppers to qualify following a prescribed rate of 5.34%. Currently, the variable mortgage rates range from 2.6% while the fixed mortgage rate ranges from 3.49%. Visit and see more information.

Fixed Mortgage Rates

The above mortgage rate is based on bond futures. It is a contract that is set and therefore the payments you make do not increase for the duration that you have agreed. It is a constant rate that does not increase or reduce at any given time and circumstance. The following reasons are why you can consider fixed mortgage rates,

There is not risk

  • Customers buy the property at affordable range
  • Customers do not have the knowledge about borrowing, and it is advisable that they stick to secure mortgage
  • The borrowing capacity can be maximized.

Variable Mortgage Rates

These are mortgage rates that can change depending on the condition of the market. They are not expensive at the time because they are a representation of the cost of today, but fixed mortgages consider long terms considering that rates can change within a given period.
The early renewal feature of the variable mortgage makes it possible to lock into than prevailing of fixed terms at any particular time. The rates of Variable mortgage are riskier compared to those of fixed mortgage rates because the customer will have to depend on the opportunity and proper timing of the lock in.


Variable mortgage rates are not dangerous products if you have their experience and can be in a position to cope with the risks of not locking into a fixed mortgage rate. They can only to the people who can absorb the shock if they miss the opportunity.
Compared to fixed mortgages, variable are less expensive, but that is about what is available in fixed term leases regarding closing. Experts have always held the view that variable rates are the best choice which has been observed for the last five years in the sector.

Beacon Resources – Connecting Candidates with Rewarding Careers

Are you searching for accounting jobs in Los Angeles? Or maybe you are in another area of finance in Southern California. No matter. The Beacon Resources advantage is tremendous, and it is well worth considering a relationship with the company instead of replying to internet job postings.

Superior Job Matching 

Beacon Resources aims to match qualified candidates to the right job openings. That means a few things:

  • The company knows about many openings that aren’t posted online.
  • The company can work with you whether you seek a long-term position, a temporary job or something else.
  • The businesses that liaise with Beacon Resources are plentiful, and the company knows their needs and culture well.

In short, you’re quite likely to find an excellent job fit for your skills, needs and wants through Beacon Resources.
find a job

Time Savings 

Unfortunately, the job search process at many companies is inefficient, with openings taking as many as 43 days to fill, according to Jobvite. Furthermore, the wait tends to be longer for higher-level positions. In fact, searching for a job is a job in itself. Many seekers apply for positions every day, attend several interviews a week, and if they are lucky, they have a job three or six months later.
On the other hand, many companies do not even bother to advertise their openings online because they trust Beacon Resources to deliver top-quality talent up front. Since the company gets a tremendous number of job openings a week, you should not have to wait too long before starting work.

Personal Attention 

Another bonus of working with Beacon Resources is that you pay nothing. The businesses looking to hire are the ones that pay fees, and an Executive Recruiter collaborates with you to improve your chances of finding a position. For example, your resume may need an overhaul, or maybe you have been interviewing badly.
With Beacon Resources, one of the best finance recruitment agencies in Orange County, you improve your chances of finding a job you will be happy in. You gain personal attention and access to many opportunities.

Simplifying Your Borrowing Experience – Direct Lender

A sudden need for money can arise anytime be it for your bills, travel or an emergency, the fast access to money can be provided by direct money lenders. We all plan for our finances well in advance to avoid any discrepancies but sometimes things fall out of place for anyone.
Most bills have sky-high penalty charges for late payment and if you miss them by any chance, you’re in big trouble already. It can happen with anyone, sometimes you might be so much stressed with something and you forget to pay your bills. And the penalty charges might seem out of budget.
direct lender
So, you’re short of money to pay for the bills and you don’t know whom to approach for a fast response; how about direct lenders?
Before you think about different options, let’s look at these 5 points for simplifying your borrowing experience.

#1 Direct lenders – who are they?

A form of corporate debt provision where lenders (except banks) make loans to companies without any intermediates like a broker, an investment bank, etc. are known as direct lenders.
It means that the lending process becomes easy as there is no intermediate and you can directly approach the lenders for your need.

#2 Direct lenders VS mortgage lenders

When you are in urgent need for money, you will be baffled to choose the right money lending option. Most people live in the myth that mortgage lenders offer lower rates than the direct lenders. The rates in the case of mortgage lenders totally depends on the market trend as there are lots of intermediate steps in the money lending process.

#3 Direct lenders – a fast & easy approach

The direct lenders have streamlined their approach for the people and made it a very user-friendly experience. Now, you don’t have to worry about the long application processes, extensive financial reviews, waiting time etc. as in the case of traditional lenders.

How does it benefit you?

  • Convenient and straightforward process
  • No need to fuss about travelling all the way, it’s online!! Even the initial application can be processed right there sitting relaxed at home and sipping your coffee. The only thing is you should have proper internet access and willingness to share your contact and financial details to fill the form. You can see the status online if you qualify for the process or not.
  • No more fixing appointments and spend time to just know your status.
  • Once you qualify, the amount for the approved loan reaches your bank account directly.
  • It just takes a one business day for the entire process!!!!! There is a quick way for same day lending but it depends on the place you stay and your business profile.
  • All your information is verified over a phone call and then your application is processed for a fast cash advance.

#5 More solutions by direct lenders:

Direct lenders offer a variety of solutions along with normal lending option. You have to convey your needs and based on your location, the direct lenders can provide offers like a $1,000 advance or even credits with varying terms for repayment.
All you need to do is to fill the form online and check if you qualify for the required loan amount. Once you’re done with the first step, you can choose from the different direct lenders available in your city or town.

Have you heard about Credit Assess businesses (CABs) & Credit Service Organizations (CSOs)?

If the direct lenders are also Credit Assess businesses (CABs) and Credit Service Organizations (CSOs) then they have the privilege to facilitate extra things for your loans to ease your problem. For instance: direct lenders same like the financers at MoneyKey are CABs and CSOs, so they can facilitate the installment loans with extended terms for repayment on your behalf.
Each state has different laws for regulating financial products within their borders and the offers that the direct lenders can provide within the state. So, it is better to check in advance about the laws in your state regarding these few things:

  • Your installment loan
  • Cash advance
  • Personal line of credit

Before you jump for any loans, make sure your direct lenders, CAB or CSO has the appropriate license for the financial products that he has offered to you.You need to check if the financial products they offer are in accordance to the laws of the state before you select one. The state awards the license to the companies who abide by the laws of the state and then only the products are approved.

Summing up:

Try to gather as much information about the lender before you opt one such as accreditation, rates, terms and conditions etc. It’s good to spend some time on this research so as to repent later. You would have understood that direct lenders simplify your borrowing experience and lend money on a quick basis.

3 Effective Strategies to Reduce Long Term Care Costs

Looking at the long term care costs by state can have anyone at wit’s end. The prices of the services are already high at the moment, and yet they seem to continue to increase. While the wealthiest of America can easily cover the costs out of pocket and those on the other end of the spectrum have Medicaid to turn to, the average Americans are left seemingly left to fend for themselves.
As the costs increase to barely reachable heights, more individuals seem to be living longer. This means that there is a higher chance of facing illnesses and health conditions related to age over the years. Without prior planning, older adults run the risk of outliving their retirement savings.
Reduce Long Term Care Costs
Long term care costs are a big issue not just for the retirees but their families, as well. Currently, 40 million family members are acting as caregivers to their loved ones. And more often than not, the services they provide are unpaid. On top of that, caregiving does not just mean providing physical care. Family caregivers often pay for care services using their own money. In fact, AARP released a study late last year stating that family caregivers spend an average of $6,954 a year on out of pocket costs. This amount is nearly 20% of income.
So what can Americans and their families do to reduce the costs of long term care? Let’s look at three strategies that will help cushion the expenses.

Stop Postponing the Healthy Lifestyle You Know You Need

Not the typical financial tip, is it? However, not many people realize that the way that they treat their bodies now matters immensely, especially in the later years. Despite various programs that aim to encourage individuals to adopt the healthy lifestyle, so many still underestimate the benefits of eating right and exercising regularly.
Moreover, this does not just apply to the people in their 20s and 30s. Active aging can keep health conditions and illnesses at bay. Their bodies are in better shape for fend off illnesses as well as avoid falls, and their minds are able to keep its sharpness. In effect, they may get to postpone or even avoid facing long term care costs simply because they are in good health.

Reduce Long Term Care Costs through Insurance

Long term care costs, as previously mentioned, can easily wipe away anyone’s lifetime savings. This is where long term care insurance comes in.
This type of insurance is specifically designed to address the expenses during long term care. Instead of paying for the services up-front—and there is no telling how much the costs will be when you need them—this insurance product will cover a portion if not all of the expenses. It is important to note that some policies even allow care recipients to provide compensation to their family caregivers. Through the cash benefit that some long term care insurance policies have, care recipients can do whatever they wish to the amount that the policy pays them.
Additionally, long term care insurance can help older adults age in place. As it covers care services in different settings, individuals can opt to receive the care in their own homes just as long as their health permits it. Policies can also provide for home modifications which can help make aging in place safer option.

Research on Long Term Care Tax Deductions

Some medical expenses of older individuals are tax deductible. However, these expenses must fall under the qualified expenses listed by the IRS. These may include preventive care, treatments, vision care, surgeries, dental care, and even insulin.
Bear in mind that these apply to the expenses not covered by an insurance policy. On top of that, services like cosmetic procedures, vitamins, gym memberships, and over-the-counter drugs are not considered tax deductible.

Final Thoughts

As situations and circumstances are different for everyone, individuals and their families should also take the time to speak with a financial advisor. This way, they get to have a plan that is tailored specifically to their needs and capabilities. People often shy away from this because of the additional costs involved. However, they could potentially save so much more in the end.
Harry Burrow is a financial blogger and former family caregiver. He uses his platform, Life Finance Blog,to shed light on the financial aspect of long term care planning and coverage. These include financial issues, budgeting tips and tricks, money management, savings, and insurance policies. Through his works, Harry aims to help equip Americans in combating the potentially devastating blow that long term care may bring.

Property vs. Gold vs. Stocks: Investment strategies

Today, there are a number of investment options including property, gold, and stocks. Regardless of which option you choose, you must know how to make money from your investment. With the right investment strategy, you will be able to make money from your investment and get rich.
Investment strategies
Following is how you can make money from property, gold and stocks.


Let’s start with gold. Whether you love it or loathe it, gold is a commodity you simply cannot ignore. In one way or another, gold is going to part of your life. By accepting the importance of gold in your life, you’ll take the first step towards making money from it. Many people refrain from investing in gold due to its supposed relationship with inflation. If you’re one of them then here’s some news for you: contrary to the popular belief, gold has no direct correlation to inflation. Never has, never will. In fact, investing in gold is a great way to protect yourself against inflation. Other reasons to invest in gold include safeguarding your wealth and diversifying your portfolio. Though, before investing in gold, take a good look at the gold price movements. This will help you to make a viable decision.


Investing in stocks is a great way to make money. What are stocks? One of the most popular financial instruments, stocks gives stockholders a share of ownership in a company. Another name for stocks is ‘equities’. There are many reasons companies issue stocks including:

  • Building new facilities or enlarging new ones
  • Expanding into new regions or markets
  • Launching new products
  • Paying off debt

People invest in stocks for a number of reasons. Some of them include:

  • The ability to influence the company and vote shares
  • Capital appreciation which takes place the price of a stock rises
  • Dividends payments—the earnings that the company distributes to stockholders

Investing in stocks is a convenient way to make money. All you have to do is buy the stocks and then wait for the dividend payout.


There are many benefits of investing in property but before you invest in property, consider a few important things. First and foremost, if you get financing for the purchase, make sure that the potential income from the property is greater than its monthly payments. This means that the monthly rent you get from the property should be higher than what you pay for it each month. If you want to get premium rent, look for investment property in a ‘desirable’ neighbourhood. As mentioned above, there are several benefits of investing in property. In addition to the monthly rent, potential tax benefits and appreciation of the property are some of the reasons to buy an investment property.
Gold, property and stocks are some of the investment options available to you. By considering the aforementioned information, you can determine which investment is right for you.

Top 3 Tools For Small Business Accounts And Why?

Among all the important things concerning running a small business, account management is close to the top of the list. It’s necessary for overall financial management, but also difficult to perform without the right tool. There are lots of them so selecting one out of hundreds can be tricky at best. The tool needs to be fully functional and intuitive and most importantly – it needs to address all the needs a small business might have.
Creating A Killer Business Plan
Here are top 3 tools for small business accounts.


Xero is a powerful accounting software that provides business owners a direct control of their finances and basic accounting needs. The tool is aimed at small and medium businesses and startups. With it, users can create template and custom invoices, as well as various payroll and expense reports. For instance, if you want to calculate VAT on EU sales, you can do that with ease.
Additionally, there is an option for tracked inventory, purchase orders and integration with over 500 third-party apps. The majority of those third-party apps focus on invoicing, expanse claims and time tracking and the sheer number of them ensures plenty of options to best suit your needs. Xero allows a successful account management through both desktop and mobile devices, meaning you are a free to use laptop, smartphone or a tablet as your go-to device.


This is an account management software that offers a well-round option for those looking to get a little bit of everything. The package allows users to track deductible mileage, estimate tax payments, create and send invoices, create payroll reports, profit and loss and balance sheets, manage VAT and even control stock levels.
Also, QuickBooks offers a cloud accounting service that utilizes the cloud technology for real-time financial management and business bookkeeping. It can be linked with various services and applications like PayPal, Square, LivePlan and others. Around 1.5 million users are subscribed to the tool’s services that include a real-time dashboard through either desktop or mobile access.

Zoho Books

ZohoBooks is another online accounting tool that provides a comprehensive account management for small business in particular. The software suite allows sending out professional invoices, tracking of expenses, inventory and clients, acceptance of online payments, tax calculation and automation of banking processes through its mobile app or desktop portal.
There is a real-time tracking tool used to access customer data, manage timesheets, keep records and create reports. ZohoBooks can be integrated with several payment services like PayPal, Stripe, Square and others, as well as with other Zoho software to create a fully customizable business package.


Poor accounting is often one of the main reasons why startups and small businesses fail. Not every business owner has the time and knowledge to adequately handle account management. In addition, many fail to realize the overall importance of proper accounting, especially for small business. There is a number of tools available to help with various accounting needs. Be sure to pick the one that fully covers all your business’ needs.

Higher Interest Rates Could Hurt the Fragile Consumer Driven Economy

In March 2017, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate once again. This is the third time the Feds upped the rate since the 2008 financial debacle. According to Fed Chairman Janet Yellen, more hikes are coming. Higher interest rates mean it cost more for companies to borrow money, and it cost more to expand their business ventures. Consumers pay more for goods and services. If consumers cut back on discretionary spending, businesses will take in less revenue. Wall Street knows from experience that an interest rate hike means a drop in stock prices. But the last five interest rate hikes didn’t have that effect on stocks. Even though many investors say stocks are overvalued in 2017, it is still a bull market.
Financial expert and investor, James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management, analyzes the U.S. Treasury yield curve constantly. The U.S. Treasury yield curve plots bond interest rates against the length of their maturity time. A normal yield curve slopes upward because the yield on a 30-year bond is higher, and their price is lower than a 5-year bond. If investors think the short-term yield will fall, they invest in long-term bonds. That inversion signals slower growth and the start of a recession. According to Dondero, the yield curve has inverted prior to every recession that occurred since 1969. Right now the yield curve is still normal, and stocks continue to do well with a yield curve this steep.
Higher Interest Rates
The Feds rate hike doesn’t mean a rapid drop in stock prices or a slowdown in consumer spending, according to Dondero. Economists think the recent rate hike will not have a negative impact on the U.S. economy because interest rates are still low at the moment. But if the Feds raise interest rates to choke off credit, then there is cause for concern. Dondero believes the Feds are not raising rates to stop borrowing.
The fate of the current bull market and consumer spending is in the hands of the economy. The U.S. economy is driven by consumer spending, and spending habits are changing. Another interest rate hike in 2017 could be the straw that breaks the bull market and slows down consumer spending. But another fly in the interest rate hike ointment is the global economy. Many economists say the global economy is in trouble. Some investors are expanding their exposure to stocks, and they are making a huge bet the global economy will not collapse. That’s not a good bet, according to investors like George Soros, Warren Buffet, and Jim Dondero as well as other hedge fund managers. Big hedge funds are dumping stocks and investing in other assets like gold because the global economy is weak.
Jim Dondero is a University of Virginia graduate. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1996 after managing successful investment portfolios for American Express and a subsidiary of Progressive Insurance. Highland Capital Management has more than $16 billion in assets under management, thanks to James Dondero’s investing skills. Dallas-based Highland Capital has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York, so investing in emerging markets is an important strategy for Dondero. Thanks to his accounting background, and his knowledge of collateralized loan obligations, he is one of the most respected hedge fund managers in the industry. Dondero is also known for his philanthropic endeavors.

Customers Will Get World Class Dissertations and Thesis at Nominal Prices

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Buying Online is the Only Way to Shop

Online shopping is so commonplace these days that it seems laying out the benefits isn’t even worth the time and effort. After all, we all know how convenient and easy online shopping can be, but there are more benefits to buying online that you might have initially considered.
Buying Online

Comparison Shopping Have Never Been Easier

Do you remember all of those bar code scanning apps that came out for smartphones years ago? I barely do. They were all the rage, as you could walk up and down the aisles of a store and scan a product and find out if it was sold cheaper at another nearby store. These days we can find out that information by using google shopping, and I often do. 

Online Shopping is for Retail

We often get in the common misconception that online shopping is retail related only. While it certainly seems to be the more popular avenue, it is by far the only reason to hop on your computer to buy and save money. Going online and discount shopping for insurance coverage is another great reason. It’s easy to save money on car insurance by bouncing sites like progressive and such off of each other. You can even research bundle packages by shopping around for health, dental, and even homeowners insurance as well. Gone are the days of having to visit the brick and mortar offices of State Farm or AAA. 

Retail is Still King

Online retail shopping is still the king of internet shopping, and probably always will be. Buying online is just so much easier, and often much cheaper, than buying at a store in person. For example, if your wife or girlfriend has a birthday or anniversary coming up and they are a Bath and Body Works fan, before going to the store make sure to grab this promotional code first. I always check out online discount and promo codes before even clicking the “buy now” button online. 

Online Investing

Buying stocks is another unexpected area where “online shopping”, if you will, can save a ton of extra money. These days, sites like Robin Hood offer free investing trades, both buy and sell, and that can seriously cut down on your typical investment fees. The big brokerages are being forced to lower their trading prices to compete with these online brokerages that are wooing the millennial generation into investing.

Finding a Suitable & Cheaper Apartment

Are you currently looking for a place to live? If this is the case, you need to be smart. There are a variety of housing options that you can choose from. You just need to find the one that makes the most sense for your current situation and budget.
You might be interested in an apartment. Looking for an apartment is not quite as simple as it would seem. There are some things you should know before you begin your search.
Therefore, it would be wise to educate yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind as you attempt to find the right apartment.
live cheaper in Newcastle

# Carefully examine the condition of every apartment you look at.

You do not want to put yourself in a situation where you discover that there are big problems with your apartment after you have signed the lease agreement. This is why you owe it to yourself to take some time and look very closely at the apartment you will be getting before any of the paperwork is signed. It is especially important to look closely at apartments in buildings that will allow pets. This is because the previous tenants might not have cleaned up very well after their pets. Look for pet stains on the carpet. Walk around the entire apartment and see if you can smell any foul pet odors that might still be lingering. You should also see if you can smell smoke if you are a non-smoker who does not want that smell in your apartment.

# Look at as many apartments as possible.

One of the best ways to live cheaper in Newcastle is to give yourself a large number of options. This means that you should look at all of the apartments you can find that meet your location and budget requirements. It will not cost you anything to do this other than the time it takes you to look at them. You might find a gem that is very cheap and in the perfect location. These places usually require some effort on your part to locate them.

# Do not sign a lease that is too long.

Be realistic about how long you plan to live in a particular apartment. Do not get yourself locked into a long lease that is difficult to get out of. Ideally, do not sign a lease for more than one year.