Would You Choose Blackjack Over Binary Options?

Binary Options trading involves investing funds after predicting the outcome of an asset within a given time frame.  It has been likened to gambling but this is not a fair comparison.  Binary Options do result in one of two outcomes; you either predict correctly and ‘win’ your trade, or, you are incorrect and ‘lose’ it.  There is always one winner and one loser; in this aspect it is similar to gambling.

However, every trade is a result of studying the market and using analysis to understand what will happen next.  Of course, it is impossible to get it right every time, otherwise everyone would be doing it!

Binary Options

There are several similarities which are worth considering further:

The House Wins

If you have ever visited a casino you will be familiar with the concept of gambling.  In effect, a player places their funds on a specific activity and hope it lands in their favor.  This may be that a specific color comes up or even a number.  If you are right you win; although the amount you will win depends on a variety of factors, including what other players are doing.

Unfortunately, when gambling, the house will almost always ultimately win.  It is almost a mathematical certainty that the longer you play the more the odds fall in favor of the house.  Whilst this applies to most gambling activities, it is not the same with Blackjack.  Experienced players and those who are able to track the cards will be able to assess the odds on each trade and play the game to ensure they win more times than the house.  This is only possible because there is an element of skill involved and not just luck.  In effect, this is the real difference between gambling and investing, the amount of skill necessary.

Is Blackjack the same as Binary Options Trading?

The key is information.  A good Blackjack player will know which cards have been dealt and have been used.  This means they know what is left in the pack and the chances of getting the card they need will decide whether they can play or not.  The more information they have the better their decision will be; this is exactly the same principle that binary investors trade by.

The information in Blackjack is cards, in binary options it is the market conditions, the current price trend, the history of the asset and the other market influences.  Understanding how all these factors can affect the price of a given asset is essential to know when to trade and when not to.  The better prepared you are the more likely that your trade will be successful; just as with blackjack.

Favorable Odds

It should now be obvious that whilst information is key; it is your understanding of that information which will allow you to trade successfully.  In the same way that a blackjack player must be able to predict what cards are left and the odds of getting a desired card, a binary trader must understand what to do with the information they collate.

Whilst you will never make a profit on every single trade, careful analysis and interpreting the data properly will increase your chances of a successful trade.

Preferred Investment

Assuming that you accept there are similarities between playing blackjack and investing in binary options, you will need to decide which the right one to ‘play’ is:

Blackjack is still a game; every game must be evaluated and played according to the information available in that moment.  Binary options, however, is a longer term option.  The information collecting on one trade affects another, helping you to understand the movement of an asset and be more accurate in future predictions.

In general it is more accessible to open a binary trading account and you are likely to receive more incentives for signing up to one.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your winnings and even losses are unpredictable when playing blackjack.  As the cards are dealt you may need to play additional hands which could increase your stake and your return is a variable.  However, when trading in binary options you always know the maximum you could lose and how much you could gain.


Despite the similarities, binary options cannot be considered to be a form of gambling.  The results are driven by the amount of information you have at hand before you start trading.  The concept of binary trading has more in common with standard stock market investments, except that you are not purchasing the shares, only the options on the shares.  To be successful at binary trading you need to adopt the same attention to detail that any stock market trader takes ( plus you need to check binary options brokers reviews and select your broker).  This is the fundamental difference between binary options trading and blackjack; with blackjack you can win by pure luck; repeatedly.  But to be successful at binary options you need to study the market and understand the trades you make.

Choosing the Right Option for your Binary Trade

Buying and selling stocks on the stock market is a very traditional approach to financial investing ( read about put and call options ).  It is something which has been undertaken for many years.  However, alongside the considerable risk of investing this way you will need to have a significant amount of capital to help you get started.  A viable alternative which is becoming better known is the binary options trade.  The biggest advantage of this type of trading is that you can never lose more than your initial investment and you will always know what profit you can expect to make; assuming you are successful.

Binary Options

It is also easy to understand and get started in; although to make consistent profits you do need to have an understanding of the financial markets.

Ease of Access

Binary options trade is a viable and easy way to start your investment portfolio.  All you need is to create an account and fund it.  There are a variety of different funding options but the average in the industry is $250.  You then choose an asset, a price direction, the amount you are willing to invest and the expiry time of the option.

Should you choose to trade with the simplest approach you will only need to pick which way the price is likely to move.  As you can trade in both directions you will be able to make money even on a falling market and with only the smallest of price movements.

There are also higher risk options, one of which is proving to be very popular and can provide you with returns as high as five hundred percent!  This is to specify a price that the asset will touch over a weekend; if it does then you can see an excellent increase in your capital.

Trading Successfully

The reason why this investment option is affordable is that you never need to purchase the stock; you are simply buying an option which says what the stock will do.  If you are correct you will gain a profit; if not the broker will gain your funds.

To ensure you win more than you lose it is essential to use all the tools available to you.  There are two main types of analysis:

  • Technical; this refers to studying price charts and using historical information to estimate what will happen in the future.
  • Fundamental; in contrast this technique looks at what is happening in the general economy and the financial markets. You may also look at the specific company to see if it is experiencing any big ups or downs.

It is best to use both types of analysis to ensure the best possibility of placing successful binary options trade.

How to Trade with Binary Options Trading?

The more you watch the markets and gain experience in binary options trading the more likely it is that you will start to see trends emerging.  The better you are able to see these trends the easier you will find it to calculate whether a specific asset will rise or fall in value.  Once you have established this you will be able to place your call or put trades with increased confidence.  Larger investments can equal higher returns.  Most brokers will provide a variety of charts to help you understand the market movements and place the right trade.

things you should know about forex

There are charts which show you when specific assets are climbing in price, if this trend is set to continue then it is advisable to put a call option on straight away.  Equally, you may come across an asset rapidly declining in price and notice a downtrend; this should prompt you to place a put option. It is important to spot these trends earlier so that you do not invest as the trend peaks and reverses.

Some assets trade under what is known as a neutral trend.  On a chart this will show as a straight line simply because the price has not altered for a lengthy period of time.  This is not a good investment opportunity, you will be unable to see which direction the price of the asset is going to go in and any binary options trading you do is likely to result in you being out of the money.

You can spot these trends by watching the stock markets but you cannot start any binary options trading until you sign up with a broker (take a look into US binary options brokers rating); placing your first trade is a three part process:

  • Choose a broker, competition is fierce between brokers and they will all offer sign up bonuses. However, you should also note that these come with terms and conditions.  As tempting as free cash is you may be better off choosing one which provides more support or better rates of return.

It is also important to consider the broker’s reputation and whether they have chosen to register with one of the three main bodies; this indicates a business which is dedicated to providing a professional and friendly service.

Different brokers also have different rules regarding the minimum deposit required and the minimum amount you can place on a trade.  This can make a huge difference to how far your funds will go when you are learning how to start binary options trading.

  • Once you have chosen a broker and created your account you will need to, place your initial deposit in keeping with the broker’s terms. This should be a simple process as most brokers offer a wide variety of finance methods.  It is best to place small trades whilst getting to know the ropes; you do not want your capital to vanish before you have learned anything.

Finally your account is ready and the funds are there, you will be able to place your first trade. This is simply a case of choosing the asset to trade on and the amount you wish to invest.  Select a time for the asset to expire and I which direction the price will move.  Then confirm your trade and wait, watch and learn!

Top Binary Options Broker

Binary options are becoming a more and more popular form of trading.  This simple way to make money from short term movements on the market has the potential to be very profitable.  When you correctly predict whether the price of an asset will rise or fall, it is possible for you to receive serious income.

When you want to get into binary option trading, it’s a good idea to have a broker to work with who will keep you in the loop regarding current trends, and will keep you going with bonuses and good customer support.  Whether you’re looking for a broker who can get you started from scratch or who will help you increase your earnings with binary options trading, then check out our Finpari review.

Why Choose Finpari?

Finpari offers a fantastic selection when it comes to trading assets and has a policy of 1 hour withdrawals, which means you can have faster access to your earnings.  You can also participate in Finpari’s free weekly contest, and have the chance to win up to $20,000!  Also, as companies who accept US traders are becoming less and less common, Finpari stands out by accepting traders from the US.

Because they want you to get the most gain from your binary options, Finpari offers an educational package to get you started.

The free features this broker provides include:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • News from the market
  • Ideas in trade patterns
  • Commentary by experts
  • And more!

With these, you will be absolutely prepared to face the market with eyes open.   With weekend trading also available, you will never miss an opportunity to earn more cash!  Don’t forget that they offer a wide variety of payment methods, including Paypal!

The deposit bonuses you receive are also astounding.  When you deposit between $250 and $1000 USD, you will receive a 20% bonus applied to your account.  Between $1000 and $1500, you will receive 50%.  And after $3000, you will receive a 100% bonus applied to your account!  That means you are getting 100% more money to trade!

When looking for a binary options broker, a very important feature to look for is their service and support.  Finpari passes with flying colors in this area, with contact available through email, a very useful live chat service to answer specific questions or give advice, and a telephone service that is available around the world in countries such as Australia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

To really get what you need to trade successfully, you want to find a top class broker who can help you earn more while trading.  Look no further than Finpari Binary Options Broker, working to aid and guide you in binary option trading.

Trading Binary Options – Finding The Best Opportunities

Even if you’ve already selected the right broker after checking all possible binary options broker reviews – it still takes a lot of time to identify the most optimal ways of trading binary options. Even though binary options might seem easy, it is not so simply to learn all the nuances of this kind of trading.

To make it simple – all you need is a certain type of benchmark in order to choose solely the most beneficial trades. In case you have practice with Forex trading, you would like just to execute the trades, which according to your ideas, are sufficiently beneficial in overrunning the spread. Trading binary options has certain similarities to this. It is not about the concentration on the little fluctuations, but more about attempting to define the trades, which possess the highest possibility for major fluctuations.

Spotting your forceful sides is the following stage. As in the example with a Forex trader mentioned earlier, working with the currency binary options trading is perhaps the most obvious move forward for you, as there will not be a necessity to master the completely new block of data to gain success in trading binary options. The information that you possess in one type of market can be also applied into another.

The possibility that you are familiar with, is the most crucial point to keep in mind regarding the choice of the correct trading opportunity. Also, it is important to focus on the rates that you would receive back. Having a lot of information on the Euro/U.S. dollar currency pair, which makes a 75% rate of payback, still would not bring as much benefits as operating with the Japanese yen vs. the U.S. dollar pair at a rate of 82%.

Even though you might not be so confident about the yen in comparison to Euro, this is still typical. In a long-term perspective you will receive a lot more. Thus, as long as you have a possibility to operate at a high level of confidence, the shortfall of high technique would not be an important aspect.

Introduction to Binary Options: Which-BinaryOptions

which-binaryoptions.com presents a good opportunity for anyone wondering which binary options are right for them at a beginners’ to intermediate level. In an industry awash with esoteric terms, it’s actually quite refreshing to see a website which, for one, focuses on binary options explained to the user, rather than baffling them with facts, figures and more buzz words which go in one ear and out the other.

In terms of functionality, which-binaryoptions.com has it in spades. Granted, this is a basic website with no real ‘moving parts’, but this actually works to the site’s advantage. Many websites out there are geared towards regular users and this one actually caters to someone stumbling across the world of binary options for the first time. The radio buttons along the top third of the screen present a good opportunity to really get to grips with the practice, and each page loads up with a wealth of easy to digest information. Terms are broken down one by one and explained so that, upon exiting the many pages that serve as an introduction, anyone is just about ready to start trading with a basic knowledge.

One of the benefits of this site is that it provides details on how to get started without spending a penny for those wishing to have a ‘dry run’. Specific details on what a demo account is are provided; however, one of the downsides is that this site doesn’t have an in house demo platform and merely gives details on what a demo account is. So this otherwise trustworthy looking website doesn’t give users the fully inclusive safe feeling of at least using one of their chosen and trusted partners, and are instead left to look for themselves. Similarly, for those looking to maximise their useable amount with a little investment, information on bonuses is provided, but yet again does not point anywhere in particular.

Thankfully, in a more broad setting, which binary options most popular binary options brokers are listed to the right of the page no matter what sub-category the user is on. Preferred and trusted websites with their respective ratings out of 10 are listed so the user can at least set off and put their money somewhere relatively safe. And for those wanting even more information on each site, this aggregator provides some really quite comprehensive reviews on each link; each review appears to have been painstakingly researched, and there’s clearly no ‘cut and paste’ approach. What you’re reading is the result of some pretty thorough research and testing.

Information on those who set the site up is a little brief but at least gives the user some background and explains their trading history. Some more specific or visual details would improve this dramatically, but it’s nice to know this site is run and administered by people who know their subject matter.

Overall, this is a good, general website for new to intermediate users. It’s going to all be old news to experienced binary traders, but gives a great initial insight to help anyone make an informed decision. Its basic design means anyone can get to the meat on the bones of this industry, but to venture further onto success, they’ll most certainly need to view this site as the (albeit very impressive) stepping stone that it is.

8 Commandments for Choosing a Binary Options Broker in Canada

Choosing the right broker influences your performance as an investor. The best binary options brokers ensure their clients achieve the best out of their binary trading.

How to Choose a Broker
First thing you need to know: Is the broker regulated? Canada does not have proper legislation when it comes to trading binary options. This may be advantageous in terms of reduced charges on the investor, but they are not assured of the safety of their investments. Brokers such as Banc De Binary, AnyOption and Stockpair are regulated by the EU. For a broker to be licensed, they must meet a certain financial threshold such as proper capitalization which ensures that there is minimal risk of losing funds. It also keeps you from legal issues as you deal with financial transactions with the broker.

Second thing to know: The payouts on offer. Your profits are determined by the payouts made by the broker. The payments should be fast, easy and should not fall below 65%. Some brokers allow a trader to exit a profitable trade even before the expiration date. A good broker should offer payouts for the out of money trading. The Canadian branch of AnyOption is one such brokerage firm.

Third thing to know: The available assets. The assets you’d like to trade should be available. It could be currency pairs or commodities. Stockpair offers unique trading chances that allow you the option of pairing off assets against each other predicting which one will perform better. This is not affected by whether the there is a rise or a drop in the market as long as the selected commodity performs better than the other.

Fourth thing to know: Available deposit promotions. A good broker offers great bonuses to their clients. An example is one that matches your deposits with bonuses. This increases your trading volumes hence your profits margins. Banc De Binary has such offers from time to time.

Fifth thing to know: Trading hours of the trader. In most cases, traders are in different regions than the brokers. A broker could be in Cyprus while the client is in Ontario. This creates different time zones for the two. A broker should have flexible hours for the client especially for long trades. AnyOption has a 24/7 working schedule making it easy for their clients to trade at their convenience.

Sixth thing to know: User interface of the broker’s platform. The broker should have an easy-to-navigate and friendly interface. It should be self-explanatory on how things should be done. With the current technological innovations, use of mobile phones should be available on a broker’s website. Stockpair has a website that is fully localized in several languages making it easy for both French speakers and those conversant in other languages such as Russian. They also have mobile Apps for both Android and iPhone users. The Banc De Binary website can be accessed on mobile phone without necessarily having to download the App.

Seventh thing to know: Customer support on hand. The customer support should be professional and helpful in offering customers solutions to their problems. They should also have support tools such as information resources to increase the competency their clients’ competency in trading. Banc De Binary has a free demo account containing CA$50,000 to help beginners get started.

Finally, they should have at least a 128SSL encryption key to ensure you are safe from financial hackers as you trade. Stockpair has the best in this having a Thawte certificate of up-to 256 bit SSL encryption across their website.

Finding all these in one package may prove to be a difficult task. However, once you have confirmed that a firm is regulated, you can check the ratings given by clients and other bodies. This gives further insight into how appropriate a broker is in meeting your needs as an investor at your level.

Get a Jump on Your Financial Future

You’re never too young to build a solid foundation for your financial future. If you’re wise, you’ll learn the value of saving money before you complete college. Once you are out on your own, it’s time to get serious about making wise decisions now. You’ll find that your foresight will pay off in the years to come. Most people don’t think about their golden years until they are almost here. Start planning now and you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement at a much earlier stage of life. It’s all about having some financial savvy.

Pay Yourself First
Jay Leno once said that he always paid himself before he paid anyone else. He always had two jobs. Once job was used to build a savings and the income was never touched. The other job was for all of his expenses. You can take a lesson from an extremely wealthy man. You may not have two sources of income, but you be wise about what you do have. As a good rule of thumb, put twenty percent of your paycheck into savings. As you use the rest, attend to your bills first. The leftover amount is your fun money.

Don’t Spend Above Your Budget
Too many people burden themselves with a crushing load of credit card debt or purchase homes that have a price tag they can’t afford. Live within your means. Avoid the credit card trap. If you get one or two, pay them off regularly. Use them primarily for emergencies. However, remember that you need to have credit in order to get more credit. Establish a solid payment record. When it comes to a mortgage, make sure it comes with a payment that is affordable and leaves you breathing room.

Look for Ways to Boost Your Income
In addition to being wise with what you have, you can also find ways to bring more money in. Whether you are good at buying and selling or you dabble with stocks, there are many options that can give your bank account a boost. Consider Online Trading Academy Reviews when you are looking for a source of assistance. Be in the know before you enter the world of online trading. You can make a respectable amount of money if you play your cards right. Combine it with solid investments and you’ll be set.

Tips for MCX & NCDEX Trading

The stock market has always ruled the newspapers general, economic, and trade magazines. Reading these news items either puts a scare or the feeling that you can make it in this market. Depending on your optimistic temperament and cautious approach making profitable gains is all possible. Nevertheless, learning to make the right strategized move to invest and make profit can be helped by following tips from professionals in this trading sector who can guide you for long term investments or short term ones. Then there are also options for intraday trading in Intraday NCDEX and Intraday MCX to make safe timely investments. However, it is important that you are aware of the possible risks you might face of losing some money in the stock market.

The amount of efforts and success you need to put should be balanced for effectual gains in this market. The stock market trading importantly involves taking the right decision of the market by studying the market and following the trends. Here, you need to understand that if all those tasks are done by a professionally experienced trading company who provides you with daily tips like Intraday MCX tips for various intraday options and updates to guide you through the procedures and invest wisely for making financial gains.

The right attitude and right moves can help you make the right sort of income. There are a number of professional companies who can help you in learning the ropes of Intraday NCDEX, Intraday MCX Nifty Future, and Intraday Options by providing you tips as stock option contract conveying you the right, without any obligation, for buying and selling shares in safest manner with negligible risk but generous profits. These financial companies generally provide about five or less recommendations and follow-up with you for every recommended stock. Definitely, you need to develop your own understanding, as it is your money and investment plan. Additionally, it is advisable, to go through the terms and conditions along with the level of risk involved.

Investing in commodities also requires proper information to benefits handsomely before investing in commodities. You can opt for Intraday MCX Tips designed basically for traders and brokers working in commodities like gold, metals, and energy to make profits. In these tips the client are provided with around six recommendations every day and you can work with the suitable Intraday Strategy to maximize your returns.

It is important that you understand the various important concepts and ideas from the right source. Of note, you need to know that a number of investors are not able to make decent profits in the commodity market all because they do not study the market. Remember, guesses do not work and could lead to bankruptcy.

This post is penned by Mohit Jain for Money Classic Research; an Indore (Madhya Pradesh) based leading stock market and money market tips & money research company that delivers various services to its clients. In case you are looking for MCX tips or Nifty Future tips then you can trust our services.

Understanding Trading Regulations of Binary Options

Binary options are relatively new and until recently, not as closely regulated as other forms of trading. At first, they appeared as a refreshing opportunity to invest in a market attempting to rally back from global financial failures. However, unsuspecting buyers experienced unjust conditions, market infractions, thievery, and in some cases monetary ruin. In response, several countries have implemented measures designed to offer protection to binary options traders. Therefore, it helps to be aware of the current trading regulations and to understand what to look for.

Protecting Traders

The burden of regulation falls primarily on binary brokers in order to ensure that they are supporting the best interest of their clients. Brokers need to have a physical establishment with a respectable staff that is equipped to handle claim withdrawals. They must be prepared to undergo periodic regulatory enquiries. Client funds are to be separate from broker accounts so as not to suffer a loss due to brokerage bankruptcy issues.  The purpose of these regulations is to prevent traders from fraud and unjust financial damage.

Regulation of Binary Options

Until recently, there has been little regulation in the binary options arena. Binary options received a reputation as a type of gambling rather than respectable financial trading. There was little segregation of funding sources.  Government regulators failed to monitor binary options brokers. Binary operations were not always transparent and capital requirements remained open-ended.

Fortunately, the binary options situation for trading regulation is undergoing a transformation. As of May 2012, CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) announced a change in binary options classifications. This development followed grievances regarding “bucket shop brokers operating in Cyprus.” As a result, the classification for binary options changed causing them become ‘financial instruments’ requiring regulation. This revamped policy was to go into effect late in 2012 and by late 2013, all binary options dealers had to conform to the new regulations.

International Regulation

Since then, Malta has transferred binary options status from the gaming industry to the Financial Services Authority. Japan no longer allows for trading options with expiration under two hours. Italy and Turkish industry regulators for financial services can legally block binary options IP addresses to selected brokers. France and Spain have warned binary options agents about regulatory status requirements. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority regulates binary options trading. In Australia, regulation occurs through the Australian Securities and Investment Council.

US Regulation and Trading

The US allows a single regulated dealer for binary options, NADEX. As such, it provides for trading on several instruments, regulated through the Commission for Commodities and Futures Trading. North America requires US citizens to report taxable profits to the IRS. Additionally, US law prohibits binary options traders from dealing with brokers from other countries.

Although the handling of regulatory requirements differs between countries, it is clear that both traders and binary options brokers must adjust to heightened standards or face potential financial loss.