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Top Tips for Saving on Your Car Insurance

In this day and age, motoring is seen as a privilege as much as a necessity. The fact that fuel has risen in value massively over the past few years has given many car owners a headache they can do without, but when you add tax and insurance, they’re left to spend more than they feel is necessary on getting around. While the cost of both fuel and tax can’t be controlled, it’s possible to spend less than expected on car insurance, but how is that possible?

Car insurance can be bought for cheaper if you contact insurers directly. Doing so could mean you can get car insurance from 123.ie for less by making a phone call or sending them an e-mail inquiry. Meanwhile, if you’re pressed for time, a quick visit to a price comparison website may be what you need, as you can get quotes from a variety of insurers in just a few minutes. This method of trying to save money has grown in popularity over the past two or three years.

Driving carefully can reduce the cost of your monthly premium. Motorists who avoid accidents for a period of a few years are often given discounts on their insurance because they’re less likely to claim, and not claiming because you’ve not been in an accident will help you save money. Driving a smaller, more fuel-efficient car will help to save money on your policy too. Those models are less likely to be involved in accidents because they’re not as fast, plus drivers who own small eco-friendly cars are seen by many insurers as sensible.

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