Is it Better to Buy Car Insurance in the Summer?

There are a number of drivers that may not be aware of the impact the seasons have on insurance premiums. Common knowledge tells us that the winter months present more hazards and a higher risk of accidents than in the summer, but does this really affect car insurance premiums?
The answer is yes. It does not always come down to just the weather, however, but a number of factors which present a higher risk to insurance companies. Car insurance quotes change throughout the year for different reasons, yet, over the past few years in many parts of North America, December was the most expensive month to get cover. As prices have spiked in December since 2013, they have fallen by mid-January.
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This is not a trend only experienced by Americans and Canadians. The British have also witnessed a trend in prices rising significantly in December.
According to The Telegraph, 2015 saw a rise in the price of an average policy by 7% in December. These prices were also highlighted during periods when “insurance prices otherwise remained fairly stable.”
One reason cited by a leading insurance provider in Britain was that, due to the holidays, there were fewer quotes being generated. The companies which were more active around Christmas and the New Yearcould effectively raise their prices due to the lack of competition. When everyone was back to normal in early January, marketing campaigns and price deductions naturally led to a drop in the average quote.

More Vehicles on the Road

Another theory behind why insurance prices tend to go up in December (but car prices don’t) is that there are more vehicles on the road. For example, the majority of workers will have time off over the holidays and will be driving from place to place; whether it is shopping for the holidays, visiting family, or simply enjoying leisure time.
More vehicles on the road mean more chances of crashes and accidents, in general. This could be the reason why certain states see a price hike in the summer months. As students are not in classes and there are more and more first time drivers looking for cover, insurance companies may deem this to be a significant risk in general.

Back to the Weather

It is very difficult to discount the role of the weather when it comes to insurance companies producing higher quotes during the winter months. With heavy rain, snow, icy roads and treacherous conditions, the chances of an accident occurring are naturally increased.
Insurance companies rely on a multitude of stats and figures, so they will account for things such as how the weather plays a part in collisions, for example. Understanding this may influence drivers in when they choose to look for insurance cover, if they have the luxury of doing so.
When it comes to purchasing car insurance, there may be certain times of the year when quotations are higher to some, but this is not applicable to all. The best thing to do, as always, is compare and go from there.

The Real Reason Why Your Car Insurance Is Costing You A Fortune

One of the priciest things about owning your vehicle is the insurance you have to pay out for it. It can cost several hundred dollars to insure it every year, and on top of petrol and service charges, it can get very expensive to have a car! Here is the real reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune, and how to keep it down.

The Real Reason Why Your Car Insurance Is Costing You A Fortune

You have been in an accident and made a claim

One of the real reasons why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is because you have made a claim before. When filling in your details for the insurance, they will ask you about previous claims you have made in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, if you have made a claim, it can see your car insurance rise by 20-40%, depending on the circumstances. The best thing you can do if you are in an accident is to try and sort it out without claiming on your insurance. You could talk to the other driver about fixing your own cars without having to make a claim if the damage isn’t too bad. It will save the cost of your insurance going up for the next couple of years!

You have been caught speeding and have points on your license

Another reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is if you have got into trouble speeding while driving. Often, it can lead you to have points on your license, as well as costing you a small fortune. If you put this on your insurance details, the cost will rise as well. Here’s a guide to speeding and how to stay in the law when driving. If you have been found driving when intoxicated (DWI), it will also affect your car insurance. You will need to find an attorney to help defend you against the driving charge. You can look online to find lawyers such as Scheiner Law, DWI attorneys, who can help you in the case.

You are choosing too many unnecessary extras

You will also find your car insurance is costing you a fortune if you are paying for too many unnecessary extras. You should ensure you check the pilicy to see if there is anything you could take off to pay less. Make sure you are comparing before you pay out for insurance, as there may be one which is cheaper and is suitable for your needs.

You are using too many miles

Another reason why your car insurance is costing you a fortune is that you are using too many miles. The more miles you say you use when paying out for car insurance, the more it will end up costing you. Therefore, try and use fewer miles so that you can pay less. As we discussed before, some insurances let you pay less if you get a digital recorder for the car. It monitors how you drive, and if you are a safe driver, your insurance will be a lot less!

Also, the car you choose to purchase will affect the price of your insurance. If it’s a very expensive car, you will have to pay a lot more for insurance. Therefore, choose a cheaper car to save money on your insurance.

BMW Extended Warranty – Because Luxury Comes at a Cost

So, you have finally decided to get your dream BMW car. Providing the rare blend of sophistication, state of the art technology, and luxury, the BMW brand continues to reign supreme among the top most popular luxury cars today. More than an automobile brand, the BMW represents a market of buyers who are upscale and luxury oriented. The car is nothing less than a sex symbol and generates envy and delight anywhere on the planet.

What you need to do?

When you have finally acquired the ultimate driving machine of your dreams, it’s imperative that you acquire the service that matches it. When you buy a brand new BMW, you get a factory warranty that covers maintenance and repairs for a period of 4 years or 50,000 miles. The BMW Maintenance program covers the whole roster of factory-recommended services, apart from brake pads, wiper blade inserts, and brake discs. BMW cars have a special feature known as the BMW Teleservice through which the car actually reports to BMW whenever it requires maintenance or repairs.

However, the thrill of owning this beautiful machine could quickly wear out when you get your maintenance bill or run into unexpected repairs. When you spend around thirty thousand dollars on a car, you are inviting high maintenance costs and higher repair charges. Hourly labour rates are at an all time high, and every car on the market will see a significant spike in repair costs in the year 2015.

In such a scenario, it’s very important to be careful when selecting a BMW Extended Warranty for your car. You can always opt to acquire the extended warranty directly from the dealer at the time of purchase or choose to get it later on after exploring your options before the original warranty runs out. Whatever be the case, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding about what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Most dealers facilitate both third party extended warranties as well as the BMW factory warranty. Although BMW alone can provide you with an extended warranty, there are quite a few third party providers who can provide you with a vehicle service contract. It really isn’t much different from how an extended warranty works as it takes care of parts, labour charges, and repair taxes.

There are providers for people with bad credit history too. In a scenario where you are unable to avail loan due to your bad credit you can seek the help from providers for BMW Car Loans for bad credit.

If you are opting for a third party extended warranty provider, you need to know who to trust. You can easily find highly reputed third party agents who are capable of sharing information that you need to know as an owner. This would include the claims history of BMW owners, reliability ratings, and of course customer reviews. The most obvious difference between a BMW factory warranty and a third party warranty insurance plan is the cost. Due to the fact that they connect the consumer directly to the source, third party warranty plans are less expensive.

The extended warranty plan offered by BMW is way too costly in comparison to the other third party plans. So, take all the time to shop around and zero in on the best deal you can get from scores of third party agencies operating in the country. Give your ultimate driving machine all the pampering it needs through a comprehensive service plan that covers all kinds of repairs and unforeseen maintenance costs. There are third party insurance providers who are ready to provide a wide array of financial services like Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance services. 

So, go ahead and conquer the roads on your brand new BMW, but before that make sure you opt for a comprehensive extended warranty insurance program that will grant you complete peace of mind.

Good Idea to Check Your Car Insurance to Make Sure To Get the Best Price

Every few years it’s a good idea to examine your car insurance to make certain that you’re getting the best price with the most advantageous coverage, find the best auto insurance in Charlotte A quote can be obtained online from an independent insurance agent by completing a simple application.

Before requesting a quote, get the following information ready:

  • Complete names, dates of birth, and driver’s licenses for all drivers
  • Driving records for all drivers
  • Description of your automobiles including make, model, and VIN number
  • A copy of your prior insurance policy

Write these down and be prepared to enter them into the online site. Your prior insurance policy can allow you to compare insurance coverage exactly so the price comparison is equal.

Limits of liability and coverage can vary. The insurance agent you consult may give suggestions for expanding or reducing coverage. Be certain to check online with your state insurance commissioner to determine what the state requirements are for your state. Ordinarily the following coverage is suggested:

Bodily injury and property damage liability – this covers your personal liability in the event of an accident you or one of the drivers of your car is at fault.

Medical coverage – this provides a small amount of medical coverage for immediate necessities as well as for the costs incurred by passengers in the car.

Physical damage coverage – this is coverage for damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident whether or not it is your fault. Comprehensive insurance gives coverage for the times when weather, animals, or vandalism, for example, cause damage to your car. Collision insurance gives coverage for collision with another car or object. Ordinarily a deductible applies to physical damage coverage. The amount of the deductible depends upon what you estimate you can afford in the event of an accident. Again, you and your insurance agent should determine the deductible.

Uninsured motorist’s coverage – this provides coverage for bodily injury or personal damage in the event that you are involved in an accident involving someone who does not have insurance.

Getting the Best Deal on Your Car Insurance

 What are some of the best ways to get a good deal from your car insurance? Primarily, you need to focus on the basics: avoid monthly payments, find specialist policies, and compare the market at much as possible. At the same time, it’s worth looking for providers such as Direct Asia Singapore that can offer you flexible and advanced options for no claims bonuses, excesses, and other terms and conditions. By exploring these, and other factors, it’s possible to save money and get more out of your car insurance.

 Monthly vs. Annual Cover

While it might seem easier to spread your insurance premium payments out over the year, it can end up costing you more money in APR and other charges. A single payment every year can be budgeted for so you don’t have to worry about it until a renewal or change in your policy.

 Look for Specialist Policies

 Many drivers suffer as the result of being in a high risk group for insurers, with young drivers and drivers with criminal records being just some of the vulnerable groups that receive higher than average premiums. To this end, you should look out for specialist policies that feature flexible terms and conditions.

 Compare the Market as Much as Possible

 You need to ensure that you’re regularly checking the insurance market for the best deal; this is especially the case if your driving routine is changing, or if you’re going abroad and need to make sure that you have the right level of cover.

 Explore No Claims Bonuses

 Different insurers will have different rules when it comes to no claims bonuses. You need to see whether you can benefit from a clean driving record, and if an insurance company offers protection for your bonus.

 Pay a Higher Excess

 While paying more money towards the cost of a claim might seem to be counter-intuitive, if you’re a safe driver this approach can help you to lower the cost of your premium. Make sure, though, that your raised excess is practical.

 Investigate Multi-Car Insurance

 Some insurance companies will provide discounts if you register multiple policies with them; this can be the case when you sign up for bundled packages for a family or a household, and can be a good idea if you’re happy to get all of your insurance from the same provider. Getting other forms of cover, which might include home insurance or travel insurance, through the same provider can also increase your eligibility for savings.

 Demonstrate a Strong Commitment to Security

Insurers will be more flexible over your premiums if you can prove that you’re serious about your car’s safety. Some extra steps you can take to secure your vehicle can include fitting an immobilizer, parking in a garage overnight, and taking advanced driving courses to make you safer on the road.

Maintain a Good Credit Rating

You can improve your chances of getting a good quote on your car insurance by maintaining a strong credit rating; this means clearing off old debts, and avoiding the habit of applying for multiple forms of insurance over a short space of time.

Derek Latimer blogs about how to save money as a car owner. For affordable car insurance, he recommends using Direct Asia Singapore. He also likes to blog about his experiences travelling in China over the past few years.

3 Great Tips for Getting Lower Car Insurance

Car insurance is not only a legal requirement, but it also helps you avoid many future problems. For instance, the insurance cares for expenses in case your car gets lost, or your car causes accident. In most cases though, car insurance can be expensive to an ordinary person. This is because most insurance companies feel that there are a lot of risks involved with car business. For that reason, they price insurance premiums highly so as not to run at a loss. The following though are some of the things you can do to answer the question of how to reduce the price of car insurance.
Drive Less Cheaper Cars
Cheaper cars are prone to fewer risks as opposed to more expensive cars. Because of this, less expensive cars are likely to attract low car insurance premiums from most insurance companies. This is because the insurance companies believe that there are no many risks involved with less expensive cars. For instance, if your car gets lost or damaged, it will require less money to replace it as compared to high expensive cars. You can also drive less expensive cars and avoid high insurance car premiums.

Drive Safely
Most road incidences occur out of negligence of drivers. In fact, careless drivers are likely to cause accidents thus leading to a lot of damages. These damages are eventually going to be fixed by the insurance company. Such drivers will not get an easy ride when seeking insurance for their cars. If you would to get cheap insurance quotes, you should learn to drive carefully. Always be cautious and develop a good name. When you do that, insurance companies will have confidence in you when you drive safely because the risk involved is low.

There are many insurance companies in the world today. These insurance companies have got different car insurance premiums. Research therefore is one of the ways of how to reduce the price of car insurance you can employ to get cheap car insurance quotes. This is because research will most likely help you land at the company that offers premiums at cheap prices as opposed to others.

The above are some of the ways of how to reduce the price of car insurance that you can employ to evade expensive car insurance premiums. It is important to take advantage of them and be assured of your comfort while driving on the roads.

Compare The Market Car Insurance’s content team provided this article in a hope to educate people on the ways they can lower their car insurance.

What's in a Number? How your Auto Insurance Rates are Determined

If you’ve ever used an insurance comparison website to get a range of car insurance quotes, the differences in rates can be somewhat baffling. When inputting the same basic data about yourself and your car, you could end up with a wide range of monthly premium rates, terms, and conditions. This is because each insurance provider uses a unique formula to determine your level of risk as a driver. Understanding how this is determined can help you take control of your insurance rates and find a more affordable plan that fits your unique profile.

Road Risk

Your driving history and the type of car you drive both have major influences on your insurance rates. If you have been involved in a recent accident, this could cause rates to skyrocket. Insurance companies will also look at how much driving experience you have, as well as whether or not you have any reported accidents or traffic violations. The type of car you drive is also important. This is something to keep in mind if you’re shopping around for a new car. As you read a Mazda Miata or Ford Territory review at, pay close attention to the safety ratings and features. Dependable cars with high safety ratings will cost far less to insure than flashy sports cars. Older cars are cheaper to insure in most cases because they cost less to replace.

In addition to the type of car you drive and your driving record, insurance companies will also look at your current usage. If you drive to and from work in a long daily commute, you’ll pay a higher premium as a result because statistically there is a higher risk of an accident. Parking your car in a locked garage and only driving when necessary can lower rates significantly.

Personal Finances

Insurance companies are also interested in whether or not you will be able to pay your bills on time. Drivers are issued a credit score specifically pertaining to insurance, which is based on your financial history and current standing. They may take multiple pieces of data into account to calculate this score, including your payment history, length of credit history, and whether or not you have any outstanding debts. This part of the calculation tends to be pretty similar between different insurers, but some will weight credit history more heavily than others. If you have less than perfect credit, it’s more important than ever to compare numerous quotes to find the best deal.

Lifestyle Factors

Although it doesn’t seem fair, insurance companies are all about statistics and will use lifestyle factors you can’t control to help determine your rate. For instance, married couples are deemed less risky than single drivers with no children. They will also take your occupation and level of education into account, as well as your age. As with the other pieces of the puzzle, some will weigh lifestyle factors more heavily than others.

The exact formulas used to calculate insurance rates tend to be closely guarded by providers. The best way to find an affordable deal that fits your specific profile is to collect as many quotes as possible. No matter which formula is used, however, there are ways to help get a better deal.  To begin with, you can compare car reviews Australia with American and European reviews to get a complete picture of a car’s reliability in different locations. And naturally, maintaining a clean driving record and building a good credit score never hurts.

Know What Your Auto Insurance Won’t Cover

The importance of having a car insurance policy needs not to be ascertained further. The car owners need to purchase an insurance plan for the safety of their vehicles as well as themselves. In some states, it is an obligation to make an insurance purchase. Even if it is not an obligation, you should buy a good insurance policy that will take care of financial responsibility if anything unfortunate happens to you.
It is good news that insurance offers are galore for the prospective buyers. Even customized plans are also available to satisfy your specific requirements. What you need is to make a sound plan that will provide adequate coverage. You will also want the deal to be within a reasonable cost margin. If you get a right insurance deal, you can save thousands of dollars on premium payment. Here are a few tips on how to save money by buying a suitable insurance policy.

Understanding what your car insurance will cover

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage

Knowing what is not covered

  • Damage to a rental car
  • Items inside your car
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist liability
  • Medical payments

Money saving auto insurance tips 

Firstly, you need to start with getting quotes from the auto insurance providers. As it has been already stated that several insurance companies are working in the industry, so it will be easy to get at least 5-7 quotes from the premier insurers. Once you collect them, read through the coverage, pricing, terms and conditions of each policy.
You need to have a clear understanding of what the different auto insurance providers have to offer. Compare the coverage and price. You can also search online for the quotes and it will be an easier alternative to shopping around. Never rush through the information as it will make more likely for you to miss some crucial details.
Secondly, if you have an impeccable driving record, getting good discount is more likely. The same is true if you are associated with certain enlisted organization and can show your membership card. It has high probability that the individuals who own a roadside assistance policy will get a deeper discount. Some car insurance companies offer cheap policies to the students who have got a good grade in their college exam. The premium rate will also drop down if you already have a car insurance policy and want to cover another vehicle under the same. Loyalty discounts are also available.
Thirdly, if you install safety measures in your car or can prove that your car parking zone is a safe area where theft of vehicles is a little possibility, the companies will provide highly discounted offers. As extra precaution, you may consider installing anti-lock brakes, air bags and other high-end equipments. This way, you can save a lot on your policy with certain companies.
Fourthly, if your current auto insurance policy is expensive, you may seek an escape by capitalizing on coverage tweak. Save cost by increasing deductibles on collision coverage. You can ensure a good amount of saving by eliminating roadside assistance policy and rental reimbursement. However, to avail that, you need to have a roadside insurance policy. If your vehicle is less than 10 years’ old, you can seek lowering of coverage. Some premier companies offer cheap policies, you can also grab those options, provided your requirements are properly covered.

The Ultimate Car Insurance Checklist

Diving in to the world of car insurance can seem a little daunting especially if you are insuring your car for the first time. Here is a simple guide that aims to take the stress out of buying car insurance in just a few simple steps.

Personal Information

car insuranceThe first step is to collate all of your personal details and note them down in one place. Searching for the right car insurance deal can be stressful enough without having to locate your details and your driving records. If you plan to add another driver to your policy, make sure you have all of their details to hand also. Having this information to hand will save you time on your search for the best car insurance deal. Keep all of your personal details in a pile with your renewal letter and your proof of no claims discount if you have any. Lastly, dig out your debit or credit card in preparation of payment.

Vehicle Details

When you are shopping online for car insurance, you will need to know a number of things about your vehicle. Your vehicle registration number should be noted down as well as your annual mileage and the model and brand of your car.

Types of Car Insurance

Once you have all of the required information, it’s time to start your search for the right type of car insurance online. There are a number of different options to choose from including comprehensive car insurance, third party car insurance and third party, fire and theft. Choose comprehensive car insurance if you want to be covered for everything should an accident happen but be prepared to pay for the privilege.  This is the most expensive car insurance type but it will cover you against fire, theft and the damages caused to your vehicle and the other car involved should you be in an accident that was your fault. Third party insurance is more of a basic option that is usually the cheapest form of cover but this will only cover your passengers in the event of an injury.

Policy Excess

You will have to pay policy excess regardless of the car insurance provider you choose. You can choose the amount of voluntary excess you want to pay and if you are willing to pay a substantial amount, this will lower the price of your premium.

How to Find the Right Car Insurance Provider

Finding the right car insurance provider can be time consuming but it is essential to shop around for the best deal. Doing your homework is one way to save money on your car insurance and this is your chance to lower the price of your cover. You can either search for a cheap quote via a car insurance comparison site or go direct to a car insurance provider. If you do choose to go direct, make sure you get a number of different quotes as this will ensure you are not paying over and above for your insurance. You can find out more information online at

Why You Need A Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Our vehicle is one of the most valuable possessions we have and it’s just right that we insure it. The law also requires us to get a motor vehicle liability insurance to any car, truck or motorcycle we own. This provides us financial security in case our vehicle is involved in any traffic accident that could result in material or human damage. Generally, every country has its own set of regulations when it comes to auto insurance. In most cases, vehicle owners must buy an insurance policy before they are allowed to drive their vehicle on public roads.

Having an auto insurance can provide several advantages, especially if you got a comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle. This particular insurance policy can cover almost every incident that you might encounter on the road and these include the following:

  • Accidental or malicious damage to your car
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Glass breakage resulting in damage to sunroofs, windows and windscreen
  • Flood and other natural calamities
  • Damage you caused to property during an accident
  • Injury you caused to people during the accident

car insuranceImagine the hassles and the enormous expense you need to endure if you don’t have a valid auto insurance. In fact, if you shoulder the repairs for your vehicle and the medical bills that you’ve incurred in an accident will surely hurt your pocket. Therefore, getting the right type of car insurance is a must. You also need to choose a reputable insurance company that can provide you with the best value insurance policy for your vehicle. Actually, there are several factors that you must consider first before choosing an insurance company.

First, you need to know their track record and the number of years they operated in this type of business. You may also want to check if they are tied-up with credible auto shops that have the best repair facilities in your area. So, in case your car got damaged in an accident, they can repair it as quickly as possible and with the highest quality standards. A reliable auto insurance company must also provide you with a courtesy car. This is actually a service car that you can use while your actual car is being repaired.

A good insurance company must always be professional in dealing with your needs. Whether you’re inquiring for their services or asking for their help in processing your claims. So far, one insurance company has reached this status and it’s the leading auto insurance provider in Northern Ireland. This company is AXA and they have the best comprehensive car insurance you can ever have. For further inquiries you can visit their main site at